The 2014 QB Class… 7 years later

The 2014 QB Class… 7 years later

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7 years ago, there were 5 quarterbacks selected in the first 2 rounds of the 2014 NFL draft. How did their careers go?

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Outro- The Fix by Aldous Young

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47 Responses

  1. Jonathan Hill says:

    You should cover the RB recruiting class of 2005, Jonathan Stewart, Darren McFadden ,LaMarcus Coker, Jamaal Charles and Rashard Mendenhall

  2. Emma Bonn says:

    I do hope Derek Carr gets a playoff win in his stint with the raiders

  3. Adam Klownzinger says:

    Its weird to me that Jadaveon Clowney and Derek Carr and OBJ and all these guys are certified NFL veterans…for some reason in my mind I envisioned they’d be 25 years old for forever lol

    • Jesus Lopez says:

      Same I keep thinking to myself that Carr just got drafted a couple of years ago, but then I realize he’s 30 now.

    • Balzac T Bagher says:

      Clowney was the severe disappointment

    • E J says:

      @Q The 36 shit man. Time is going to be the death of me.

    • JulianForYou says:

      Time motherfucking flies like Tyreek Hill

    • AishiShoji says:

      That’s age for you.

      I still think Brady as a mid career veteran, and I keep looking for Patrick Willis on the 49ers, Darrelle Revis on the Jets, and the only reason why I don’t look for Megatron on the Lions is because I live in Detroit and we laugh at how dumb the franchise is for pushing the two of the greatest talents out of the league

  4. Poon King says:

    Remember this was the draft where the Browns paid 6 figures to get an analysis of who would be the greatest QB. The report said Teddy Bridgewater….

    The Browns still chose Johnny Football.

    • Austin Wimmer says:

      @rex blade well that would create a whole “what if” teddy never got injured. If teddy never got injured he could for all we know teddy could still be on the Vikings, have better numbers than Carr and maybe if he was under center in 2017 they could’ve made the Super Bowl.

    • rex blade says:

      @Austin Wimmer judging him by his numbers, pre-draft expectations, and how his career has been…….. He would never of been anything special. And I don’t think they were going to go to the Superbowl even if he never got injured, that was a very good Eagles defense and Bridgewater was never an elite quarterback. Remember this defense shutdown Brady and the Pats

    • Micha G says:

      @Robert MacIntosh Watch his ‘Bussin with the Boys”. He talked about how he didn’t even want to play football in college but his dad more or less threatened to disown him, and that’s why he started drinking and partying. He loves being around people and having fun, and football was an avenue for that, but he didn’t want to work for it because he didn’t love football. It’s super sad how this kid (refering to his college time) just wanted to hang out with people and have fun, and he played football to make his dad love him, and because he was really good at it with out putting much effort into it he ended up having all this pressure to suceed. He talked about not even wanting to go to the NFL, because he hated treating football like a job. It made me feel bad disliking him for so long, but it made me happy to see that he’s happy and has found sucess outside of football.
      He also talks about how fucked the browns were from top to bottom, and how shannahan left because he was forced to play manziel and how the browns GM would call down and tell them what play to run. Of all the things on thoses browns teams that were jacked up, Manziel may have been the least dysfunctionaland that says a lot.

    • Richard Prado says:

      You can blame David Carr as the reason everyone passed on Derek. Just like you can credit Peyton for Eli. He told the chargers not to draft him. And they still did it. All that being said it’s not like Dereks a super bowl QB either

    • North East says:

      @rex blade Bruh Brady threw for 500 yards fym eagles defense shut him down 😂😂😂

  5. MaleficOverlord 6 says:

    Cant wait for a retrospective on the 2018 QB draft class. That was one of the wildest QB drafts

  6. Moopert says:

    Bortles picked the perfect year to stop turning the ball over constantly, and he got a lot of money off it.

    • John Chedsey says:

      Reminds me of how Matt Flynn turned one silly 6 TD game into tens of millions of dollars and never played meaningful football again. But good for him for winning the business end of the NFL. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Ethan Rezaie says:

      @John Chedsey yep, perfectly put! Sometimes these people arent playing to be hall of famers, but rather to just make money, because its basically their job.

    • ItzEmS says:

      @John Chedsey oh hi Kevin kolb here

    • N_JAMES says:

      @Ethan Rezaie I completely understand your point, but isn’t playing in the NFL everyone’s job and their goal is to make money lol

    • North East says:

      @N_JAMES yea, but then some realized after a few years or even less that they want to chase a ring or legacy

  7. Brett Rossi says:

    Through everything the Raiders have gone through, I feel like Derek Carr has handled himself pretty well.

    • John Chedsey says:

      With Carr, who do you replace him with that will definitely be an improvement? He’s above average but not great. That said, if they get the right coach and a couple more pieces around him in 2022, watch out.

    • German Henry says:

      The raiders defense still need to fully step it up. They are slowly getting there but the secondary is still pretty horrendous. Raiders can’t rely on Carr every game to make a comeback win or after giving away the lead bc the D couldn’t stop the opp offense.

      Tbh Carr prob has more haters in their own fan base than any other player. If Garoppolo can make it to the SB then Carr can make it too if he had a top 10 defense (49ers had a top 5 defense that year)

    • Original J says:

      Though he does make some bone headed plays, the team tries to hard to be built like The Chiefs, he needs a possession receiver away from Waller

    • E J says:

      @AniMasters I wouldn’t say that because he definitely has some stinkers games. You could very well be right though. It does make me curious how different some QBs careers would be if they were in better or worse situations.

    • Anonymous Person says:

      @Lauren Graves actually, quite the opposite. Carr is always above average. It’s just a matter of forst half of the season, MVP candidate, second half of the season, above average

  8. James DirkVanDirk says:

    That Fresno State team was so fun to watch because Carr and Davante were incredible.

    • TC Jr says:

      Yup. I’m hoping Carr pushes real fucking hard to get Davante for a reunion in the off season. Davante would be a perfect replacement for Ruggs

  9. Krabz says:

    Bridgewater was Matt Cassel’s backup in Minnesota.

  10. E J says:

    It blows my mind when I watch the draft knowing that most of these guys are gonna be mediocre or bad in the first round, yet we still hype up the draft and players every year lol.

    • ray bp says:

      Yea its like people have delusion or collective amnesia

    • R B says:

      We also know a few of them will probably be great

    • Justin Lokere says:

      Well some will be stars, many will be solid contributors. Sure there are some busts, but of 32 first rounders, I’d say that 24 or so will at least make noticeable contributions on their rookie deals.

    • E J says:

      @Justin Lokere yeah, of course. 24 sounds like way too many contributors. It obviously depends on the round so you definitely could be right. It’d be really hard to measure contributions (I think?) so we obviously couldn’t get a true answer. I’d love to see someone break down the whole first round of one draft like 20 years ago and do like a 5 minute summary on that player. That’d be interesting. I don’t know about you but sometimes I wiki previous drafts and go into rabbit holes to see how players did lol

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