The 2016 Race Learns What’s Below Rock Bottom

The 2016 Race Learns What’s Below Rock Bottom

Look, there was probably no way this thing wasn’t going to devolve into a presidential penis-measuring contest, but it’s no less disappointing.

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20 Responses

  1. Arman Shad says:

    Fun Fact
    after super Tuesday
    according to google : the term “how to move to Canada” was searched 10,000
    times more than normal
    *actually true

  2. nastynate1420 says:

    What a disgrace. First time I’ve truly been embarrassed to be an American.

  3. Leesu Bara says:

    Drumpf is an amazing life-like cartoon character (visually and audibly).
    When will someone/anyone reveal what he actually is.

  4. Rafid Haque says:


  5. Anthony Kryzak says:

    Help us Bernie Sanders, You’re our only hope.

  6. Johnny Fishfingers says:

    Look closely at the nose and eyebrow region when he starts talking about
    his dick. Those are lie-wrinkles.

    Also, take note of the fact that I, without embellishment or hyperbole, can
    say shit like “when he starts talking about his dick” about a posible
    candidate for the presidency.. You just don’t get that outside the US.

  7. LordAragon626 says:

    This would have probably been the one debate Ben Carson would have won.

  8. Josie Haertzen says:

    Reach the button?

    Donald Trump: first president to dickslap America into a nuclear war.

    We’re fucked.

  9. DJ Scoobdirt says:

    For years, Trump has been self conscious about his small hands ever since
    that one magazine mentioned it.

  10. Rob Barrett says:

    Because Hillary’s email servers don’t matter? In that case, it shouldn’t be
    a long time until this matter is also approved for questioning by a judge.

  11. elGUACHEdeMICHOACAN says:

    57 trump supporters mad

  12. Sweekie says:

    hey guys wanna hear joke? Donald Drumpf small hands.

  13. Eli Butterfield says:

    oh! look! lord Farquad.
    ….do you think he’s compensatin for somethin?

  14. Eric Payne says:

    I love when Colbert breaks :D

  15. ★P.G.Productions★ says:

    Schwanz – why do you use german when talking about Trumps Penis :DD

  16. G Mail says:

    trump is awesome fuck all of you

  17. bisquitnspanky says:

    It’s hard to believe that presidential debate has reached 7th grade trash
    talk level ………….. and people like it. Americans really are stupid.

  18. dohiri says:

    Europeans must think we badshit crazy right now.

  19. Aniruddha Niranjan says:

    Man, Colbert was so much funnier in his previous show.. every joke in this
    clip was so predictable

  20. Dark Vader says:

    Well it is ‘CURRENT YEAR’