The 2017 WWE Yearbook

The 2017 WWE Yearbook

Who is the most athletic Superstar in WWE this year? Or the most popular? Find out which Superstars won these superlatives and more.
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19 Responses

  1. RIF MANNI says:

    Where the hell is kane

  2. Lifeblood says:

    Becky Lynch is THE BEST in-ring!

  3. Clucth2KLife says:


  4. Ken Burroughs says:

    Most Likely To Not Succeed
    Sami Zayn and Dana Brooks
    Most Likely To Succeed
    Nia Jax and Romab Reigns
    Most Mental
    Dean Ambrose and Alica Fox

    Add some in the comments!

  5. The DeafAJ Falco90 says:

    Wwe in Nxt missed where’s yearbook?

  6. Naz News says:

    Get rid of Maria and Mike, how pathetic does WWE have to go? They make me physically sick every time thier on TV. WWE is going downhill fast

  7. Viner's PH says:

    I laugh when the MOST TALKATIVE😂 is Alexs Bliss and Paul Heyman but thats true😂

  8. swatswe20 says:

    They should’ve made John Cena’s picture just the background.

  9. WrestleMatics says:

    Please check out 10 Times The WWE Went Too Far

  10. Ross Thompson says:

    Where is Summer Rae? I

  11. Kimi Na No Wa says:

    Holy! So Sasha is overrated just like John Celena?

  12. willem dafoe says:

    most likely to have no Chin James Ellsworth

  13. Marv Bolan says:

    They should of put “Most Booed” Roman reigns

  14. Abdul Toure says:

    Did they really say John cena was the most popular

  15. Jay Wells says:

    Plus i dont expect Jason Jordan to succed

  16. Marcos Imperial says:

    Most likely to be shoved down our throats would be Reigns

  17. Road Madness says:

    Show went down hill lol all these new people that came in ruined it, exactly why I quit watching years ago

  18. Axe REne says:

    Zach would be by him self lol


    Omg ! My favorites are in there carmella Alicia fox and becky Lynch and Seth rollins

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