The 2019 BMW 8 Series Is BMW’s New Flagship Model

The 2019 BMW 8 Series Is BMW’s New Flagship Model



The 2019 BMW 8 Series is BMW’s new flagship model. Today I’m reviewing a 2019 BMW M850i to see why the new 8 Series is BMW’s new flagship car — and I’m showing you all the quirks and features of the new M850i.

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77 Responses

  1. Doug DeMuro says:

    Free the brontosaurus!!

    • Ed Ash says:

      +Retro Collected stop telling Doug how to act like Doug– let the man say what he wants. if he wants to say coool and weeeird then who TF are u out of his 2.3 million subscribers to tell him not to. and he does both old and new just have patience— in a few years all these cars are going to be electric and hell have all the time in the world to get to the classics.

    • DarwinBlame says:

      Jeremy Clarkson’s BMW wakeup word: “I’m a cock”

    • You Dont Know Me says:

      Please do any bulletproof car

    • Protik Banerjee says:

      Your comments make no sense until you watch the entire video. love it

    • RejZoR says:

      Activation word: Arbeit macht frei XD

  2. IconGaming I Gaming & More says:

    You know when you forget the hold shift in Word when you want to scale something up and it gets horribly stretched out? Yeah…. You get the idea

  3. usbdevice says:

    Crevier BMW, they’re the largest BMW school where the drivers are taught not to use the turn signal.

  4. KOOLNERD says:

    $116k? It’ll be $60k in 2 years. Just wait

  5. TheRzarectah says:

    I think we need 800 more comments saying it looks like a Mustang. The first 1100 aren’t enough.

  6. TheBlackdragonnight says:

    So this is a $116K car and I see plastic everywhere. It seems not much different than a fucking Kia stinger.

    • Azer Kaan Daşdemir says:

      +Gas Pedal Subscribe German cars are much more unreliable especially under the hood. A kia or hyundai engine beats a bmw engine in quality and reliability any time any day. Hyundai produce their own metal. Hyundai produce trains, excavators. They know how to build engines.

    • Stuntman707 says:

      Audi can also make a car with all the German mechanical expertise AND do an interior that looks like a 100k car.

    • Jimmy Peña says:

      It’s the piano black which is everywhere in it…

    • onraj9mm says:

      +Gas Pedal Subscribe lmao are you talking about south Korea where most of the modern technological advances come from? And south Korean cars are statistically way more reliable.

  7. don198769 says:

    Looks very much like a mustang from the side profile

  8. Richard McCaig says:

    Looks like a mustang…

  9. Fiodar Ryzhikov says:

    S Class Coupe still looks much more expensive and advanced.

  10. Shahaab Sherwani says:

    I’m sorry but THATS the interior of a $100k+ car?! It’s unbelievably basic. Look at what Mercedes is doing for that money, Lexus has actual glass mosaics on their door panels for that type of money… bmw wtf?

  11. Will Jamerson says:

    Doug is the type of guy that claps when the plane lands.

  12. tennisdude52278 says:

    21:09 So I guess the Quality category is now called Reliability?

  13. Unknown Substance says:

    This car makes Mercedes look way better. Thanks bmw

  14. TheSteak says:

    Looks like an updated 6-Series. BORING. BMW used to design nice marquee cars like the older 8 Series, Z9, and M1. Now everything looks the same.

    • mightbegenius says:

      RIGHT?? WTF is wrong with BMW they have so much design potential

    • NPC; trollingtowakeyouup4253 says:

      Yup, I used to be a huge BMW fan! However, after my 09′ 335i crapped out with only 64k miles and out of warranty (electrical and vanos issues), plus the new shitty repetitive designed cars they’re putting out. I’ll be looking elsewhere.

    • Jannis Höntscher says:

      TheSteak they cant make this design anymore because of safety regulations

    • gi8809 says:

      I was just going to write this. And I’m a bmw fan, mind that. It’s so sad to see they take the audi approach and make all their cars look alike.

    • Angry Trucker says:

      Z8 you mean?
      Dont forget that gorgeous M coupe !
      Whats sad is that all the crap today looks generic.
      I see this in girls too.Sure shes hot but shes looks and acts just like the next bitch.

  15. Street sweep 717 says:

    BMW to Mini Cooper: We’re going to borrow your Mood Lighting

    BMW to Kia: We’re going to borrow your Stinger GT front end

    BMW to Infiniti: We’re going to borrow your Q60 rear end

    BMW to Dodge: We’re going to borrow the Challenger’s Fatness

  16. kohson koh says:

    Doug the type of guy to drift his grandma’s wheelchair

  17. mvpmickey1 says:

    Wearing Long Sleeves? and Indoor? That is not Doug.

  18. Erick Ibarra says:

    Overrated how someone would spend over 100k for an 8

  19. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    Quite surprised by BMW making a Mustang ?

  20. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    I’ve never driven the speed limit after the day I had my driving test

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