The 2019 Ford Ranger Is the Return of the Ranger to the USA

The 2019 Ford Ranger Is the Return of the Ranger to the USA


The 2019 Ford Ranger is the revival of the Ford Ranger name. The Ford Ranger is back in the United States, and today I’m reviewing the 2019 Ford Ranger to show you if the new Ranger is good enough to square off against close pickup truck rivals.

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70 Responses

  1. Fakovnik says:

    You have to get in

    da old fashion way

  2. MAYNARD -1 says:

    WTH please tell me that was the real engine sound… I want one! 4 door 4×4 plz!

  3. Rusty Grapes says:

    There’s a ranger raptor in Australia

  4. Tim datoolman says:

    I thought Doug was just truing to crack a joke when he said “it only took 6 tries” LOL!

  5. DarthTsarkon says:

    That is not a small truck…That segment of truck didn’t die, it is just that the Tacoma destroyed the competition.

  6. lonewolf5460 says:

    Bigger that a 99 f150 what happened to small trucks they brought the name back nothing else.

  7. the_ultimate_ car_guy says:

    Also the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is a mid-sized offroad truck. Its like they have a whole new market: The ZR2, the TRD Pro, the Nissan Frontier Midnight and the missing Ranger Raptor. Also the F-150 Raptor, Ram Rebel, Tundra TRD Pro, Titan XD and Chevy Silverado Z71 (I guess?) are in a class.

  8. ClawBoss says:

    My fat self couldn’t fit in the back seat unless I use butter or crisco… ?

  9. -GABEEEH - says:

    Theres already a Ford Ranger Raptor Doug but its not for the US spec model its for the Asian spec search it in google.

    • TechGod says:

      +Capsyzable It’s a retarded thing,2.0 Diesel engine? They put Raptor name only to sell it.Funny thing is that the Ranger in this video (2.3 ecoboost) is faster than the “Raptor”

    • squidgymop1 says:

      Here in Australia we get the ranger raptor too, however i dont know how well its selling though

    • Rain Juice says:

      I know it’s a business, but it’s an American company, have some balls to release things in your own country.

    • Michel Linschoten says:

      +Ian Dunn since when are trucks meant to be fast….diesel totally destroys gas in same sizes . perhaps understand wat a truck is meant for.

      Hint…it’s not speed unless you want to fall in the low usa iq group floating around on videos like this.

    • -GABEEEH - says:

      Rain Juice actually so true

  10. Patrick Spoon says:

    I just can’t call this a small or midsize truck, but that’s an indictment of the US auto market more than anything. I have a friend with a late 80s Ranger that I covet to a crazy degree because it’s what this should be: a genuinely compact, and useful, truck model. There’s no reason you should be busting your ass trying to get into the bed of a small truck (or really any light duty model).

    • ayrproductions says:

      Capacity wise, it’s the same as a Toyota Hilux, Colorado and VW Amarok. That’s why it’s in the same class. The Ranger does feel larger and more cumbersome to drive from my experience in them, though.

  11. herranton1979 says:

    I’m guessing that blind spot monitor is printed on the tail lights so you don’t cover it with a brush guard.

  12. daveinstlouis says:

    On Ford’s website the Ranger starts in the mid twenties. After dealer add-ons, high document fees etc. we’re approaching 30 grand. Maybe I’m living in the past but a basic Ranger for $30,000 doesn’t seem right.

  13. Robert Destree says:

    Used up 35% of the mirrors lifespan in this video.

  14. Nathan Zari says:

    4:14… Don’t worry Doug, we all know you sing that in the shower.?

  15. Fred Pellett says:

    Australia and New Zealand get a 3.2 turbo I5 for the Ranger

  16. ricky v says:

    I have always liked small pick up trucks. I would love to get an old Toyota Tacoma as a beat it up and go get stuff for the yard kind of vehicle. Good review, as always Doug.

  17. LelouchLamperouge235 says:

    11:00 I know it’s a joke but toasters use way more than 150W allowed 😀 You could easily damage your car doing that 😀

  18. GuelphRacing says:

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

    Happy New Year, and all the best in 2019 🙂

  19. Andrey Svit says:

    The 2011 Ranger looks like it could be a 2003

  20. SOORAJ KANRAM says:

    to just see a part of the truck’s front, i had to wait till 20:01
    how can the front of a vehicle be of such less importance????

    • Wesley alan says:

      You could of just Google Search an image of the front of this truck instead of waiting, if thats all you cared about

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