The 2021 Toyota Supra Is More Powerful (and Better) Than Before

The 2021 Toyota Supra Is More Powerful (and Better) Than Before

The 2021 Toyota Supra has more power than last year’s model — and it’s more fun. Today I’m reviewing the new Supra 3.0, and I’m going to show you a few quirks and features — then I’m going to drive the 2021 Supra to let you know what it’s like on the road.



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66 Responses

  1. Troll King says:

    i wish it would be a “supra” instead the toyo logo in the steering wheel

  2. thekiller500099 says:

    Next year they gonna release manual, And the year after they gonna release grmn and the year after after that they gonna release the manual grmn.

  3. Harris O.M.O says:

    “This years model is better than last year”

    That is usually goal.

  4. SP02 says:

    Toyota: “Look at all our fake vents!”

    Honda Civic Type R: “Amateurs!”

    • Rick Hunter says:

      Thiccy Visuals no, not really. There was a YouTuber mechanic I saw last year going over every vent and out of all the vents, only one could really be used . The rest were worthless

    • Henry Fung says:

      Civic type r is garbage. All Honda cars is crap!

    • Satsuki Wasielewski says:

      ❤️ ❤️

    • SKOOY 45 says:

      Andrew Andrew 😂just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t it’s a really good car

    • SKOOY 45 says:

      Andrew Andrew 😂the Supra with just a tune is smoking porches and a lot of other cars so it’s a good ass car

  5. Daniel Johnson says:

    Video about Toyota Supra:

    Says “BMW” 29 times.

    • Jose Martinez says:

      My respect to Japanese cars but this time they fucked up.why BMW shit on a legendary car

    • Saleh Hashmi says:

      actually it’s different than the actual Z4 engine. When Toyota called in the engine, they found 10 mistakes with the engine from the engine alone. They told BMW if you don’t fix these reliability issues they weren’t gonna use it. So basically it’s the same engine, but more reliable. 😂😂

    • Puggie Popo says:

      Yeah, it’s the BMW Z4 Rebadged package! Duh!

      I’m kidding, I think Toyota made a better Supra by partnering with BMW than they could on their own at this point

    • Andra Febrian says:

      Interestingly enough the code that BMW assigned for this car is… J29.

    • SG Project // Проект Сгущенка says:

      @Saleh Hashmi it’s still the same engine. It’s just better in both cars.

  6. N0QB stig says:

    Watching Doug barely miss hitting his head on the hood about 40 times in a row as he gets excited about the supra is giving me anxiety.

  7. NOTO RIOUS says:

    Drinking game : Have a shot every time Doug mentions BMW

  8. K W says:

    Lol Doug sounded like a mean 2nd grade teacher. “Manual is better with everything ahhhh.’

  9. Trashkov says:

    Wait, they’re adding a twin turbo 4 cylinder SUPRA to their lineup?

  10. Ta On says:

    “BMW makes good interiors”
    somebody call scotty.

  11. Karlendor says:

    Potential buyer : What about the vents?
    Toyota : It’s in the DLC

  12. captaingreek says:

    Everyone: There is no English word with 5 “s”

    Doug: Thisssss

  13. TheRealCarlos says:

    Only BMW can make a 2020 model outdated before the end of 2020.

  14. Sam D says:

    It’s so BMW I’m surprised the turn signals aren’t optional extras.

  15. Nautilee Wind says:

    doug: “in short….”

    I believe Doug is always in shorts.

  16. Better Through Ball says:

    Take a shot for every time Doug says “BMW”

  17. Rhys Bowditch says:

    No one:

    Doug: Disappointing how the new Supra isn’t as good as the Lexus LFA

  18. Shirlohka says:

    Still no manual transmission despite the Z4 having a manual option.

  19. moneybuyspower says:

    This is just sad, everyone that worked on the car should be fired!

  20. Fluffy Waffles says:

    Well, Toyota….

    Still better than the BRZ “STI”, I guess. So good on ya there….

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