The 2022 West All-Star Starters Are Revealed | NBA on TNT

The 2022 West All-Star Starters Are Revealed | NBA on TNT

Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie break down LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, Andrew Wiggins, Step Curry, and Ja Morant being named as Western Conference All-Star Starters.

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31 Responses

  1. Jovanny Nieves says:

    Shaq seeing Kenny trying to be smooth with the gesture “step… your step” 😂 gold

  2. JK says:

    Shaq is absolutely on point. Having a winning culture definitely helps and Wiggins is proof of that.

  3. Romeo Monteverde says:

    Kenny is right though. 19 years and LBJ is still battling for the top spot/best in the NBA. Kareem was great but during his I think 15th to 19th season he had a decline. No longer the best during that time but LBJ is still hanging on as the top 1,2,3,4,5 player in the game year in and out

    • John Smith says:

      lebron def is not a top 3 player rn…probaly not top 5. He has a lot of fan girls that are in awe of him scoring points. bradley beal was doing what lebron doing last year. He wasnt a top 5 player either but scoring hella points

    • Thanos TheGoat says:

      @Only Facts lol what are you talking about bro I responded to the guy who said the NBA is soft compared to the 90s and I asked him to explain because just because players aren’t ignoring ppl heckling and are actually arguing back/kicking them out does not make the NBA soft

    • Greg A says:

      @Only Facts How can you get “easy” rebounds playing Center in the NBA on defense if you just want to slack on defense? He played center because when AD’s injured he’s like the next biggest player on the team. How can you say this era’s soft because they call too many fouls and then complain about fouls not being called?

    • Greg A says:

      @Only Facts Jordan played with the worst draft class in history(01) to cap off his Wizards run and never had to deal with the 06-09 players while aging. Even Wilt acknowledged how often they changed the rules around zone defense and hand checking to benefit him. This era is the most talented era in NBA history and it’s not even close. The sheer frequency of overseas MVP level talents and veterans were almost unheard of until the 2010’s by just the sheer effect of the NBA going global. There’s stars in every era but just many more of them today. Tell us more about how eras permeated with players like Kobe, Duncan, KD, Luka, Curry, Kawhi, Giannis, all top 10 players in their position ever, were the softest. These are the guys Lebron’s dealt with from rookie year to now. Not even mentioning prime Rose, Rondo, CP3, etc.

  4. matteo Ughetti says:

    I really love Ja and his attitude, but I think he should reduce the risk he take on his body, I don’t wanna see a D Rose type injury destroy his career…

    • Mondo X says:

      Ja is at least trying to reduce the chances of a serious injury by having personal trainers working on how to land properly. Ja is unable to do anything about a freak injury, but at least he is taking steps to help reduce one.

    • Robert Williams says:

      Having a durable body endless stamina and high motor are gifts if you ask me…

    • C B says:

      Won’t happen. Was a freak injury. Westbrook plays if not harder but he just isn’t gifted like Rose or Ja.

  5. Johnnie Coleman says:

    Shaq laughing at Kenny trying to flirt is hilarious to me

  6. Jeffrey MasturBating says:

    Erie Johnson killing it as always “The winner is LA LA Land” 🤣

  7. Dominick Tortorello says:

    I’m glad Ja Morant got his 👋 all-star nod he truly deserved 👏 it definitely playing at a HI level..!!

  8. Nostalgia Corner says:

    Thank you Kenny for actually speaking facts

  9. Holla Black Girl says:

    GO JAAAAA 💪🏾😤💪🏾 So satisfying to see him get his dues!

  10. Doc 416 says:

    You weren’t alone Shaq 😂 0:44

    • Ray Report says:

      He was smiling at Kenny cuz Kenny was trying to help her up and she didn’t take it. You’re just a pervert. It’s ok…

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