The 2023 MLB Season Has Made Zero Sense

The 2023 MLB Season Has Made Zero Sense

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48 Responses

  1. David Dewey says:

    I hope Harper is truly healthy. Would hate to see that star permanently injured

    • John says:

      Baseball is better when the studs play, that’s controversial to some

    • Ryan Miller says:

      Dont worry Harper is HIM, and othani did the same thing, DHing before he was all good to pitch

    • DaveyHowYouDoing says:

      ​@JohnI haven’t noticed a difference without him, fuck idk who he even is or what team he is on

    • Steven Hetzel says:

      ​@DaveyHowYouDoing haha right? Who are the Phillies and Bryce Harper? Only the * checks notes * defending 2022 NL Champions..

    • Chris Harrison says:

      @DaveyHowYouDoing He’s only a 7x AS, 2x MVP, 2x SS, ROTY, & HRD winner, with a career .900+ OPS.

  2. Nehmo Omakor says:

    Your channel and MLB the Show 22 and 23 made me fall in love with baseball in a way I never thought I would. Always dogged on it and called it a boring sport but you’re coverage of it is amazing and exciting. Good on ya mate!

  3. brakel3ss says:

    Despite his name not being mentioned once, this video makes me miss Logan O’Hoppe since i saw him in the background so many times

  4. The Texans Are Not Real says:

    I wish baseball existed 😢

  5. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    the pickoff limit makes sense because of the pitch clock. when a pitcher picks off or steps off the clock resets. so pitchers could just keep picking off/stepping off, making the pitch clock pointless.

    same rule with the hitter, they only get one timeout per at bat, to avoid them from resetting the pitch clock

  6. Victor Augusto says:

    I don’t watch baseball, I’m a brazilian guy who doesn’t even understand the rules properly.
    But your videos are just too damn good man, so damn good, that I’m becoming a fan just from your enthusiasm and your mlb lore shenanigans.

    Nice one partner, once again. Keep up the good work!

    • Israel Medrano says:

      I’m glad you’re intelligent enough to pick up on the fact that baseball indeed does have some amazing lore! The best lore in all of sports, closely behind only fútbol lol

    • Betox says:

      Escolha um time em cada uma das grandes ligas mundiais e acompanhe… você não vão se arrepender. Baseball é apaixonante! ⚾️🇧🇷

    • Cactus Shaq says:

      I’m surprised Brazil doesn’t have a bigger baseball culture considering the Japanese Brazilians there.

    • Colonial Straits says:

      Spend some time watching games and it will start to make sense. Once you have a basic understanding of how the game works, it becomes so much more interesting. It’s quirky and slow but those are positives. There is no other sport, quite like it! Have you chosen a team? If you haven’t, find your team and start following them. Once you have that detail decided, it will all fall into place. I’m partial but I recommend the Detroit Tigers. You can’t go wrong wearing the iconic Old English D.

    • Colonial Straits says:

      @Cactus Shaq also Brazil’s proximity to Venezuela and the Caribbean (at least parts of Brazil, which is massive).

  7. FishSki Gaming says:

    I agree, this season is just so confusing! There are rules I enjoy and and hate. Great video like usual. Keep up the great work!

    • Nick Peitchev says:

      I agree I like some of the changes but the shift rule is just dumb

    • DukeOfAwesomeness says:

      @Nick Peitchev I really like the shift rule it’s made hits go up a lot which I think is nice

    • Nick Peitchev says:

      @DukeOfAwesomeness yeah if all you care about in baseball is hits sure. Shifts are an integral part of the sport and strategy. I don’t want to screw over pitchers and fielders just to get more runs

  8. Channing Taintum says:

    Life-long Phils fan here. DDN is like our homecoming game. It’s a big party where we just drink too much and eat hotdogs all game. As you might expect, the parking lots are rife with vomiting fans after the game.

  9. Mayor of Everywhere says:

    Brice Harper is basically a hockey player, playing baseball.

    • Tjena Donn says:

      Dude is the dictionary definition of “built different.”

    • Larry Dana David says:

      Bryce Harper is not a hockey player. Hockey players are humble and polite.

    • Oorwlly says:

      @Tjena DonnBro what hockey are you watching 😭

    • Marselis Scott says:

      He kinda does look like a hockey player and gave Hunter Strickland them hands. He’s always ready to fight another opponent, so yeah you’re right 😂

    • Tug Boat says:

      I feel like hockey players’ toughness is overrated. They’re allowed to fight, that’s all. Can you imagine if the NBA let dudes fight? Someone like zion Williamson fighting lebron?

  10. xpendabull says:

    I was there for the May 9th dollar dog wave. It was truly one of the moments in sports history.

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