Host, Trevor Noah kicks off the THE 65TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS. Stream Music’s Biggest Night now on CBS and Paramount+.

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21 Responses

  1. MC CABE says:

    Finally the Grammys honored HipHop like they always should have! The Biggest Music Gerne Ever ✊

    • Panda Peep says:

      I liked HipHop when it started. The stuff by Kanye, etc. stinks. Give me classic Run DMC, Sugarhill Gang, Salt n Pepa any day over Jay Z and all the posers.

  2. Stan Byme says:

    Love how he skipped by so many singers as he walked. No mention of Miranda Lambert. Then stands by Bonnie Raitt & later says as he’s walking away-Bonnie Raitt will be here tonight. Nothing purposely, he’s reading prompts as he walks. But it’s a huge ego buster for some of these people. Lizzie looked like she was gonna lose her sh*t as he said Beyoncé was there😂

    • Panda Peep says:

      Miranda did not look happy that she didn’t win and Willie did.

    • Taron Webb says:

      They weren’t skipped, he just mentioned people who are buzzing RIGHT NOW. He’s catering to an audience of Milllenial tik tockers who only care what these modern stars are doing. Those tribute sessions are in the show specifically to showcase older and massive artists that aren’t trending online every few days.

    • Jahdesta Muzik says:

      lol, so true

  3. Ro G says:

    The 50 years of hip hop was one of the best things The Grammy’s have ever given us.

    • Reg says:

      You’d think after 50 years , rappers would figure out how to perform live. Can someone tell these dum dums to turn the mics up instead of yell screaming out of breath? Rappers were cool 45 years ago.

  4. Eighteenth Street says:

    Trevor should always host the Grammy’s!! He is amazing!

  5. Felicia Scott says:


  6. The Real overrated Slaygirl Random 💜 says:


  7. stay kind says:

    The moment no one was waiting for, when Trevor admits someone “didn’t pay him to announce album of the year” made it big with the fans and all, just like a man excited about getting back in good with the best of them. But they could pay him off to be cool again, it’s all he wanted in that deal he doesn’t know about at all.

  8. Adam Farah says:

    I give it Trevor 🙌🏽 it gotta be hard to keep all those folks and the world entertained. I sure can’t get tired of hearing him talk lolll

  9. Chef George64 says:

    Beyonce in 2023 has Won more Grammys than ANYONE EVER!!! Wow!❤️ Congratulations beautiful Queen Beyonce, WE love you!!👠👠👑👑👑👑👑

  10. Bamboo Blue says:

    Trevor killed it!!!

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