The ACE Family Documentary – Official Trailer

DROPPING FEB 23rd!!! (4 Part Series)

HEYYY ACE FAMILLLY!!! We are nervous and excited at the same time…we’ve been collecting real and raw footage for the past year for this, along with working hard to make this possible for everyone to enjoy. This will be the first time you will see us talk about things we’ve never talked about. Everyone asks us to show more, so it’s time to give you more. “Welcome To Our Life”

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78 Responses

  1. Fin : says:

    “And the Oscar for the most unnecessary, over dramatic irrelevant documentary goes to…”

  2. Fin : says:

    This documentary is gonna be the most exaggerated and over dramatic film in YouTube history

  3. ElleMarie says:

    Who do you think you are ace family ? I mean for real. You act like you‘re movie stars. Who cares what goes on in your life ? ????

    • ItzMixhaelaa x says:

      Mia6488 Yep cause that’s all they care about anyways.

    • The One says:

      gamer 2017 who the hell are you “gamer 2017”

    • Andrizzle says:

      Apparently 14 million teens, duhhhhh ? ?

    • Leanna Bustamante-Hosein says:

      +Crafty Ideas In what aspect are they “stars” ? Dwayne Johnson is a star, Kim Kardashian is a star, Johnny Depp is a star, just to name a few lol they’re basic over hyped YouTubers who happen to be hella good at scamming and manipulating 11 year olds and have cute babies, that does not make them stars??‍♀

    • ramandeep dhanoa says:

      ElleMarie ummm if I don’t care y u watching? Like seriously?. And tbh I do. Bc I’m apart of there family. HATER. Like ur just jealous there more successful than u

  4. Fin : says:

    “oNly rEaL aCe FaMiLy mEmBers wiLl sUpPorT uS aNd pAy to sEe tHe fUll dOcumeNtaRy pLus bEhiNd tHe sCenEs!”

  5. Fin : says:

    To all the 12 year old fans, start begging your parents to pay for this lmao

  6. Fin : says:

    Every dramatic and over exaggerated YouTuber has entered the chat

  7. The Potatoes says:

    Wait they made a documentary…. about themselves
    This is the biggest grasp for attention yet??

  8. Sandra Navarro says:

    1:40 when you realize this is where all the missing money went

  9. liza says:

    im sorry but dis jus sound so terribly scripted jus like how they were both talking at the end of the $100k basketball event video ?

  10. Sub To ZedArioX - Gaming says:

    *For the 1% who sees this good luck in your future!* ❤️ I feel like they are changing Should give them a Chance to prove themselves right? ?
    *Im $ubing to people that $ub To my MAIN channel and like this comment.*

  11. gab bye says:

    this looks hella stupid, im sorry ??

  12. Candy Castillo Vlogs says:

    One of the very few documentaries I’m excited about… Who else can’t wait to watch it?! Ps I have a family channel

  13. IDK ITS EMILY says:

    Who else has a habit of scrolling straight to the comments ???‍♀️

    Anyone wanna be youtube friends ?

  14. ty says:

    This is just embarrassing at this point

  15. Julissa Romero says:

    I wonder if Austin will bring up the lollipop situation ? in the “movie” he’ll prolly make up excuses ?

  16. Zainab Sultana says:

    We have to pay!?

    I’m not that surprised tbh

  17. Matt 101 says:

    This is a good trailer!!Its like a real movie trailer!!Cant wait for the documentary

  18. Whit L says:

    Wealthy family deals with first world problems: the documentary

  19. brainmare says:

    The ACE Family I made a cover for you.

    *Jocelyn Flores* ?

  20. Ashley Esparza says:

    People to see how the ace family actually is. They are supposed to be a family channel and we are supposed to see what goes behind the scenes and not see them make a documentary about what goes behind the scenes. On Christmas they bought Catherine sister a 10 dollars toy when they have even more money and look they bought Elle a new iPod why couldn’t they buy her something expensive. So if we unsubscribe we should see how they react to see how they are losing there money because if there is no viewers they is money for them.

    • S Khan says:

      Lol surprise are actually very expensive, and they bought her a ton even though they didn’t know they were coming. If they know, they probably would have gotten more

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