The ACE Family Reveals All in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

The ACE Family Reveals All in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Ellen puts YouTubers Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz in the hot seat to answer some of her hottest “Burning Questions.” The ACE Family spills it all, from the biggest mess their kids have made, to a secret they’ve kept from their parents, to who their celebrity crushes are.

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46 Responses

  1. Abhishu Karki says:

    I always thought about the ace family being in Ellen… rn I feel like I manifested it ? favs together❤

  2. Rabi says:

    “Welcome back to our—“ ? I’m dying Catherine got use to saying it

  3. Mariska-Lee Changane says:

    Catherine is low key hinting Bali for her birthday trip. ??‍♀️?

  4. Laura Marie LIVE says:

    No WAAAAAY. My favorite fam on my favorite show. This just totally made my day!

  5. Umair Zia says:

    Only 2 min video ☹️☹️
    Post full interview with ACE FAMILY plzzz ??
    I,m a simple person I saw ace family notification I clicked fast as Usain bolt ?

  6. Donika Gashi says:

    Austin forgot to say alaia when he Said Ace stands for austin cathrine and Elle

  7. Jerry lim says:

    *Austin* : 1:26 The strangest thing I’m afraid of is *PEOPLE*


  8. farhan vlogs says:

    I was literally watching ACE family the prank where Austin was calling Catherine another girls name lol, I’m not surprised they’re in Ellen show great job.

  9. Tahnaz Ahmed says:

    Ellen should do a interview with the Ace family .


  10. Ria says:

    I wasn’t expecting the Ace Family

  11. Amrit Maan says:

    And my question is “where you go?”????

  12. Sabrina Andrade says:

    I had to read the title twice omg I can’t believe they went to the Ellen Show! ?

  13. Sarah Avdić says:

    When will our king shane be here?he deserves it!

  14. JOSH BROOKE says:



  15. Achilles Rodrigues says:

    Bora Bora and Bali are the exact same places I wanna go ?

  16. pulane lyarin says:

    I was literally thinking to myself yesterday “What if the ACE family had to be on Ellen?” WOW!!

  17. Selina Natalia says:

    Austin a gift that Catherine gave you was your kids

  18. Just Sky says:

    Question: “The strangest thing I’m afraid of is…?”

    Austin: “People”

    Also Austin: *Host a charity basketball event with millions of fans (who are people) to be apart of*

  19. Gaby says:

    Now we know where is Austin taking catherine for her Bday ?

  20. Saleena Khan says:

    Not even a single soul:
    Catherine: Hey ace family, welcome back to our-
    Me: You really got used to saying it? ???

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