The Adpocalypse: What it Means

The Adpocalypse: What it Means

Am I concerned? Absolutely. Watching revenue tank in early April was terrifying, but it also got us thinking about lots of other ways to support this content which I am excited about.

YouTube has created a smoother (still rocky) path for independent creators to start making revenue, but the automatically sold advertisements have always been a the kind of prices that only very large channels can make significant revenue (we are lucky enough to run some of those.)

We need more systems and better systems to help independent creators make good stuff on the internet, and spending actual money (rather than spending time and attention watching ads) is vital to that. So, thank you to everyone who has ever bought merchandise or supported one of our projects on Patreon. Of course, we know that not all people can afford to do that, but the fact that some can make it so we can make these things for everyone.

Here is a great video about how YouTube’s ad selling mechanisms work from CGP Grey:

And if you want to learn more about the Internet Creators Guild:

And here is the podcast I host talking with creators about their strategy and goals and etc:

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19 Responses

  1. mondo cream says:

    17 seconds after upload. My life is complete.

  2. Mr. Beat says:

    Thank goodness for Patreon.

  3. Indi jay says:

    Please do a video about what each state is famous for?

  4. 허윤석 says:

    Hello random person

    have a nice day

  5. Erica Evans says:

    How’s Dave doing?

  6. Grace LaMonte says:

    I never skip ads from creators that I like, because I want them to be successful.

  7. silvia rios says:

    who the eff is hank?

  8. Indi jay says:

    Please do a political video about what laws have changed under trump.

  9. Catherine Dong says:

    *gets notification*
    *video already has 1.3k views*

  10. Josh Rowlison says:

    Just like to point out the middle image from the Daily Mail where you referred to the content as “Very Vile” was a false characterization of a harmless youtuber by a tabloid newspaper. He narrowly avoided getting his channel shut down because he did a *review* of a stab vest and demonstrated it to be incapable of stopping a straightforward knife attack. The Daily Fail spun it as him demonstrating how to kill cops and he was hard pressed to recover from it despite no wrong doing.

    Joerg Sprave, slingshot channel, you should look into it.

  11. Sammikins says:

    Believe me, if I could have adblock or ublock origin on my cable tv, I would have it.

  12. Joshua Loomis says:

    Links in the description? It’s very obviously the Doobly-Doo.

    EDIT: Fixed spelling and made Doobly-Doo a proper noun.

  13. Augusto Griffi says:

    Could you please make a video about what’s going on with Venezuela

  14. Brainy Tech says:

    i saw my revenue drop a bit at the beginning of this month then it went back up about a week ago. I think since i make tech videos mainly, since most of my videos gain good response and great watch time my videos make a bit more, they are about trending tech stuff, and youtube promotes that stuff alot. Analytics go crazy but youtube is confusing either way.

  15. Melthornal says:

    I have been trained from birth to ignore ads. My eyes automatically skip ads. Fun anecdote: a while ago I was randomly selected to be part of a psychological study. At the time I didn’t know what the study was about, they told us to read some stuff on a screen from websites we commonly use and are familiar with. I did so, and afterwards I was told my results. They told me as I was reading the material, I never once looked at the sides of the screen that have ads. And when they replaced the real ads with other images I never showed a sign of noticing, and I honestly don’t remember it happening.

    Do you know that video where they ask you to count how often a basketball is bounced, and midway through a guy in a gorilla suit walks through the frame. You don’t see the gorilla, you only see the ball. That is how I am with ads. Ads don’t exist to me. This is what happens when you put ads everywhere, they become a part of the landscape and nobody cares.

  16. Good Simple Impact says:

    I’ve just started creating, thank you for the links!

  17. DwRockett says:

    I get the “down with ads” idea, but how are new creators supposed to do well on the site? Patreon is great, but it only works if you already have a large fan base. A small channel with no ads, audience, or branding has almost no chance of succeeding

  18. VegaDeftwing says:

    Having the name John IRL I always find these videos oddly personal

  19. WBGTorpedo 13 says:

    This video ended up not being what I thought it was

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