The Adventure Zone: Season 4 Trailer

The Adventure Zone: Season 4 Trailer

Dive in May 6, 2021

Animation by Mimi Chiu:
The Adventure Zone logo by Evan Palmer:
Season Four logo and album art by Sarah McKay
Narration and music by Griffin McElroy

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47 Responses

  1. Alex Tinker Music says:

    I love knowing that even THEY are excited for the world building episodes!

  2. Avalon Bruno says:

    TAZ: Effervescent, they’re all sea snails cursed with vampirism

  3. Derek Shin says:

    I want Griffin to bring back that super deep altered narrator voice. “…ITS THE ADVENTURE ZONE!”

  4. Yumi Endercat says:

    Fun fact: There is a chance that your pet is actually a cleverly disguised loaf of bread

  5. daffawaffa says:

    There’s no way Justin isn’t the sentient coral thing in full armor

    • hoggdaddy says:

      that’s an artificer’s golem is my guess, if they’re still doing dnd that is

    • Kusaiyah Gibson says:

      No way trav ain’t the Chunk of coral in armor, Clints the captain, and Justin clearly little monk boy

    • Jason Lihani says:

      I was thinking he was the blue guy just because they’re drawn like Taako.

    • Douglas Massey says:

      I bet you $10 it’s Travis.

    • hailee nicole henson says:

      See I’m hoping those are just three stock characters like in last trailer and the actual pcs won’t be released until the episode

  6. Owen Danan Martin says:

    Next season is going to start with an L so they spell out Bagel.

  7. Nick Leaphart says:

    Can’t wait to hear the voice Justin came up with for his character, Bimmy Juffet.

  8. Kurt Anderson says:

    Hey! More glass-domed bases!! “There are no dogs on Atlantis”

  9. Malachite Art says:

    Taz 4: this time everyone is properly hydrated

  10. ReonSkyridge says:

    Clint barely got to use his water magic, so they just made a whole campaign in Sea World

    • Vivienne White says:

      Clint made a rogue and Travis built a world designed against using his class abilities, making him need magic to catch up to the other two. I hope Griffin is a little better at that this season.

    • Tyler Edwards says:

      Maybe Taako can make a cameo and use his Cloak of the Mantis for once lol

    • Dongu says:

      Clint turns out to be an Air Genasi

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