The AFTERMATH of listing all 40 cars for sale (most are GONE)

The AFTERMATH of listing all 40 cars for sale (most are GONE)

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29 Responses

  1. Eli Spencer says:

    Hoovie is more successful as a non-dealer selling broken cars than he was as an actual dealer 😂

  2. Concept Creator says:

    I truly hope karma catches up with that person!!

  3. Scott Cameron says:

    I’m glad you kept the 348, it’s been obvious you love it.

  4. Lee Meszaros says:

    Basically Tyler you’ve gone from having a failed car dealership to YouTube fame and having a successful car dealership 😂

  5. Salar says:

    “The line must be drawn heeeya” Great Picard quote right there

  6. WillF1980 says:

    Wow. Your helping someone who got burned and you don’t have too. That says even more about your character. You truly are a great guy. And a nerd lol

  7. Erik says:

    Good to hear the “Everything for sale” pitch mostly being a way to bring attention to the video and make it easier to sell some of the more low-profile cars of the fleet. Following the channel you can clearly tell a lot of effort was put into getting specific cars or sorting out others, would be a shame to sell for no reason other than it being an influencer trend.

  8. Michael Pfaff says:

    If Hoovie sold his grandmother’s Mercedes, I am unfollowing him.

  9. cardsfanbj says:

    I love Hoovie’s relationship with the Wizard. “Don’t worry, none of the Lambos are gone”

  10. VINwiki says:

    Creativity abounds! Congrats sir.

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