The Age of Broken Video Games

The Age of Broken Video Games

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i cant wait for the michael clayton 1.6 update

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31 Responses

  1. NakeyJakey says:

    hope every gamer across the globe that sees this video has a healthy state of mind and an even more haelthier k/d ratio lets freaking grind some destiny dungeons till we pee ourselves

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    • FinityMX says:

      Oh my God have you played Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines 2!?

    • ChanCeNecK says:

      Love to have you back. I missed you. 🥰

    • Hoverbike says:

      Yeah GT7 was real polished, it totally didn’t corrupt savegames, or just flat out refused to let you progress, or have completely random errors throughout the online experience, and the complete lack of documentation of error codes, yeah man it was fucking great it totally didn’t make me give up on the entire franchise.

      At least Zelda worked great without patches. I hope tears of the kingdom is the same. Considering it’s reusing so much, it probably will. Easier to iterate and all. And I definitely don’t mind more of that game, shit was tight.

    • Shane Flett says:

      I got crust in my eyes and I pee in a bucket

  2. Lemon says:

    jakey is like that one cousin you like but can’t see till christmas and when you see him you’re entertained for the time he’s there, thank you jakey

  3. Bryan Hegarty says:

    Love how he makes 2 videos in a whole year and it’s like he hasn’t missed a step.

  4. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi says:

    Would love to see Jake do a follow-up video on a similar topic… early access games.

  5. Cloe says:

    your editing is incredible, so many background music changes and yet it always feels natural and flows well, and you talk fast but never too fast

  6. Venus Cartoon says:

    Jakey, on the off chance you see this in the deluge of comments, just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the music, thank you for the videos, thanks for getting the Menard’s jingle stuck in my head to this day. Thank you Jakey, for being you, and being an inspiration to a generation of jaded youth.

  7. Ross Dighton says:

    Ledgend has it that when Jakey uploads, for a small Moment of time, the blind can see, the deaf can hear, the hungry are full, the sad are happy and the world is at peace. Thankyou Jakey❤

  8. Taylor Nikolai says:

    Michael Clayton is SO GOOD.

  9. God Of Timewaste says:

    I like how the industry standard just sneakily shifted from “we’ll ship when it’s ready” to “we’ll ship when the publisher says so and fix it later” and the consumers still eat it up, and even praise the publishers finishing the half finished meal they got, with the fucking sauce sold as a pre-order bonus. Hahahaha our world is just so wacky and fun, haha.

  10. Hardcore Panda says:

    I love how he didn’t do the easy thing and just blame it all on the devs, the studios and suck off old games like 98% of gaming YouTubers do. I love that he also draws attention to the very real, hard-working individuals who genuinely put time and effort into their projects just so we can succesfully ignore our reality for a couple of hours. I also love how he puts blame on the audience since, again, most people just like to point their fingers at the big, bad and mean company instead of actually stop and analize their toxic behavior as consumers.

    • NEELZE99 says:

      @OnNatureOfDayLight don’t blame the customer ffs

    • ExeErdna says:

      @OnNatureOfDayLight At this point I blame shareholders that invest against themselves for “maximum profits” then wonder why they have more flops than successes. Only they give a shit about 2Q profits and oh shit 70% of them flopped because they need to cook one more year.

    • OnNatureOfDayLight says:

      I mean if anything, gamers are fundamentally the reason why triple A gaming has gone to shit.

      Publishers respond to demand. Players demand nonsensical and bullshit stuff like overly polished graphics which leaves the actual gameplay being barebones.

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