The all-American fruit you’ve probably never heard of

The all-American fruit you’ve probably never heard of

The founding fathers loved the pawpaw fruit, so how come almost nobody today has heard of them?

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Special thanks to Mike Tschappat for permission to use his photograph in the video.

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97 Responses

  1. Revolutionary Bastard says:

    Make a Video about the Armenian Genocide.

  2. Ezra Al Barra says:

    Pawpaw? Isn’t he at home making burgers for his grandkids?

  3. pizza rio says:

    pawpaw and mawmaw humpaw,yeehaw yeehaw!!

  4. Allie James says:

    Are pawpaw’s in the β€œBear necessities” song from the jungle book? πŸ€”

  5. WΞ”Y Ξ”WΞ”Y says:

    That sweet nutty taste!

  6. Ned says:

    That aussie accent hahahahaha. They aren’t British

  7. dangerouslytalented says:

    People haven’t heard of the pawpaw?

  8. Shaggad M says:

    Best part of the video: β€œNo? Alright whatever dude.” Lmao

  9. Beecauve says:

    Im Native and this *just* made me realize no one else grew up eating and picking pawpaws.

    • Ciara.Chaya says:

      Yeah, they aren’t native to my state

    • γ€°Karen γ€° says:

      FabrΓ­cio Lara Take me with you, I love guavas! 0.0

    • lisa s says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, what tribe do you identify with?

    • Irennerz says:

      No this is not true. Β My grandfather and I used to go, “creekin,” looking for paw-paw’s because he knew they grew as an understory tree along the small waterways of Ohio. Β (We’d catch and eat crawdad’s on the same trip, usually.) Β I love this video because it so concisely lays out the attributes of this rare fruit, and all the reasons that it will never be commercially viable. Β It stands in my mind as a perfect example of how something can be a treasure, yet not be commercially successful and thus widely available at the same time. Β I’m now middle aged, and foraging is not really common or tolerated in the world we live in. Β I have cultivated a few trees and grow my own paw-paws to eat these days. Β I, also, am native to Earth.

    • orangecode says:

      I grew up eating pizza and picking my nose

  10. FRANTIC says:

    *_Vox_* – *voice*

  11. issa osama says:

    Pawpaw’s are leftist agenda supported by the Hillary camp in the corrupt DNC and lizard lords. Also Australia doesn’t exist!!!!!!!

  12. ChaseOnStage says:

    Me. I’m the All- American fruit you’ve never heard of.

  13. chizzy says:


  14. chizzy says:


  15. mariel ivana says:

    Kinda looks like jack fruit

  16. GooglyFacts says:

    Pssh.. Nothing is more american than Mountain Dew.

  17. Miss Keisha says:

    I’m trying to find a way to be offended by this video :/

    • Roman Fox says:

      I’m sure they’ll mention Trump or the patriarchy in there some where.

    • Elias Montoya says:

      Pawpaw trees grow in states that are predominantly conservative so I’m surprised vox hasnt called them fascist

    • Gasai Yuno says:

      Miss Keisha you could accuse it of being liberal propaganda against house and business building with their environmentalism

    • Gasai Yuno says:

      Picture Works Stating the fact that this fruit is going extinct due to developement isn’t necessarily whining. Cutting down everything for human use actually has consequences that can even go against our own interests

  18. Andrew Kovnat says:

    315 dislikes on a video explaining a fruit.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable.

    • Yarrow M says:

      its all of the sw**ring

    • DinnerTimeMishap says:

      Its because its organic Hipster farmer bullshit. this video comes off as romanticizing the past. Perfectly good reasons why we never bothered with this stupid fruit and the video explains them, but again comes off as romanticizing the past.

    • B says:

      Scott Jenkins you learned that you learned nothing. Also if you failed to learn anything from this video then you either knew every tiny detail or your attention skills are subpar.

    • lolfelixlol says:

      Vox have a horde of alt-right people who dislike and write negative comments on every video. I think they believe that this will hurt vox in some way. I find it funny since it probably only generates more traffic to their videos πŸ˜›

    • Whodey! says:

      Look deeper he basically blaming humans on the reason Pawpaws are gone.

  19. Bob McCoy says:

    *What’s the difference between a pawpaw & a papaya?*

  20. Nuovoswiss says:

    Someone should make a booze out of it. Turning produce into alcohol is a good way to add value to the produce, and it works even with produce that doesn’t store well.

    • Irennerz says:

      At the aforementioned, “Paw-Paw Festival,” annually in Ohio, you may sample on average 3-4 beer offerings that include paw-paw in the recipe. Β I’ve never been that impressed. Β Paw-paw has a very delicate and subtle flavor which has to do with aroma and real-time freshness. Β It is easily overpowered and lost in other flavors. Β I’m no super-taster, and I have trouble even picking it out amongst all the other tastes in beer. Β I’ve thought that it would make a better wine, but you’d still have to solve that tendency for the aroma to be overwhelmed.

    • Nuovoswiss says:

      Irennerz – So make a liquor out of it without other ingredients…?

    • Irennerz says:

      If you’re talking about distillation, I think even more of the aroma would be lost in that process. Β Unless you could somehow trap or reproduce the aroma and put it in the still, in-mass, to be picked up by the ethanol vapor as it went through the tower. Β I’ll be honest, I simply don’t know enough about how to isolate the aroma, but I believe that it should be applied post-fermentation to eliminate the problem I talked about with it being, “lost.” Β I’m afraid that it might take a chemist to find a solution to capturing or reproducing that aroma I talked about. Β If you’ve ever tasted a paw-paw, it is really interesting. Β It is mildly sweet, banana-y, apply-y hint of mango, reminds you of something tropical, but veeeery subtle. Β Like only on the exhale after you bite. Β It’s so mild and inoffensive, it’s, like…comfortable. Β In fact, if you seed and puree one, the texture is exactly like custard, hence the slang, “custard apple.”

    • Nuovoswiss says:

      Even if the aroma/flavor compounds don’t come over strongly after distillation, the simple solution is to make an alcohol extract of pawpaw to re-flavor the liquor. It isn’t as direct, but could produce the right effect.

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