The All-Seeing NostraDonald

The All-Seeing NostraDonald

Donald Trump has the world’s greatest memory AND he can see the future… the classiest, most beautiful future ever.

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20 Responses

  1. Keyser Soze says:

    People this is serioujs this man cant win, is a danger for all the world

  2. zaker721 says:

    What’s the possum video called, anyone know?

  3. corvetteguy chevyman says:

    Adolf trump !

  4. Clan Cannabis says:

    Trump is such a goober. haha Colbert for Prez!!!!!!!

  5. Jeremiah Brand says:

    Call him whatever you want but Donald Trump is not racist, that is for
    certain. If you think he is a racist then you need to reread the definition
    of “racist”

  6. Emilio Aguirre says:

    We can’t elect this racist molerat-looking thing with a wig into the Oval

  7. Twentysecond Ambrose says:

    Trump 2016 – 2024

  8. Marker1229 says:

    Life acts in a very incredible way no matter what compass we have or what
    compass is given 2 us an our lives all will always be more than just good,
    this is sometimes based on the comedy of connection and action an so much
    more how this can even get us 2 play the game trumps in the end the wealth
    never determines the health only that it gives you the opportunity 2 notice
    what was given 2 you an the first place how we always tried 2 do the best 2
    not misunderstand the judgment an character of one’s being, after all it
    was his dad that passed away an gave him something if only 2 remind that
    the comedy of life never never dies for you can actually become the
    president if you really noticed what tried, if anything I think Donald
    Trump knows that he’s been noticed so why not shine some light that
    sometimes can darken our lives if anything is actually helping 2 show you
    what really people are thinking this can sometimes actually help you see
    common sense an a maddening mapping way a country that is still divided as
    shown an maps we find ourself playing in. 2 be honest, I will like the war
    2 stop because I do see flashes of red and white, but I’m still noticing
    the white an see this always leaving my life. That’s why it would be nice 2
    have a woman president one day if only 2 see the reflection of the mothers
    and embrace holding what’s white an what’s right.

  9. EVILDEAD says:


  10. Brit Stormy says:

    The fact that Trump is leading on the Republican side in USA just shows how
    really stupid and racist USA Republican voters are. WOW!! All the
    Republican candidates are a JOKE. We watched the debates here and I
    couldn’t believe it wasn’t an SNL skit. They’re so dumb, inaccurate,
    racist, OBVIOUS corporatists, and freakin’ insane, etc. For the first time
    in my life, I can actually say that you CAN judge a person by their
    political affiliation. USA Republicans are total shit humans.

  11. Reika says:

    Yeah, the actual cheering didn’t take place, but I remember video of
    cheering being part of newscasts day off because some racist dicks on some
    news network were playing ARCHIVE FOOTAGE from a soccer celebration or some
    other kind of friendly from months earlier alongside the ongoing reports
    all day about what was happening at the World Trade Center and the
    Pentagon. I was taking Government and Economics that term in high school
    too, so we were talking about what was going on in class daily including
    the fact that 2 days later it came out that that footage was archived from
    an earlier legit celebration of a sporting event or something. But you
    know, retractions aren’t announced as loudly as horrible news so idiots
    like Trump never hear about it and believe this shit is true.

  12. dipyaman chakrabarti says:

    hey guys! I wanted your opinion on whether you think Colbert is going to
    outdo Letterman as a late night legend?

  13. LadyHashZ says:

    Can u imagine if Trump got into the White House?? Apocalypse !

  14. Tyler Kearns says:

    the Muslims in my town that owned the pizza inn here celebrated on 9/11…
    it’s not a stretch to me to find out the video is real. if it is.

  15. DeputyDT78 says:

    The shit Trump spews out of his mouth is nearly equivalent to Adolf
    Hitler’s views. The ideas about ultra nationalism and racism are the same
    topics Hitler wrote about in his book Mein Kampf.

  16. Akenou says:

    Donald trump and his supporters are all retards

  17. UnknowinglyDerpy says:

    Yes… and The Promotional Poster for Red Alert 2 Accurately predicted the
    fall of the WTC the year after its release

  18. Kevin Dedos says:

    I think Donald Trump is a joke of a human being, but I also know for a fact
    that he’s a man who knows how to get what he wants. He has one of those
    personalities that is annoying as hell but he knows how to make good deals.
    His business skills were his appeal to me in the beginning, but the more I
    watch him the more stupid things he says, and I have honestly lost all
    respect for the man at this point. I feel very ambivalent about the guy, I
    really do think he would do what’s best for America, but he has such an
    obnoxious personality. I don’t think electing him could do any harm if he
    really is as bad as people think he will be. It wouldn’t be hard to impeach
    him anyway, since the media’s against him. I’ll probably vote for him
    anyway, because if you think about it this country really does need to
    crack down on illegal immigration. It’s not fair to those who want to come
    here and respect our laws.

  19. Mario Capistran says:

    if he takes the gop it looks like we’re definetly having another eight
    years of a democrat

  20. Julian Soto says:

    the all seeing Steven!