The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

Want to know what the weather is doing? Just check out The Boys.

A new interactive billboard in Melbourne reacts to the temperature as it rises and falls in a very visual way.

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20 Responses

  1. FMFvideos says:

    This is nutz

  2. Panda Pleeb says:

    Stop with the ball jokes, you guys are acting like dicks

  3. Muzzy Crazy says:


  4. everenferno says:

    I like cupping my balls.

  5. Your Fat Mom says:

    stupid americans who think the world revolves around them are wondering why
    the hell it’s 10 degrees Farenheit in Australia

  6. zerpBot says:


  7. Wave says:

    Watch all the Feminazi’s get *testy* over this…

  8. Mike Jones (MC Beast) says:

    I was wondering why this video was trending…

    then I saw the comments.


  9. Brandon Moore says:

    What the hell does underwear have to do with temperature

  10. AJay says:

    This wasn’t trending youtube why is this on the trending page..
    the youtube trending page is just a format where they can show you the
    videos they want you to see
    16k views as of typing this out
    no way this was “trending”

  11. Brien Doyle says:

    16K views in 2 days, need any more proof the “Trending”/”Popular Right Now”
    videos are hand-picked?

  12. Four Hundred Twenty Pixels+ says:

    Why did you spell it “storey” and not “story”?

  13. DF says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  14. Trump Lizard says:

    didnt make me want to buy your product

  15. Arikawanda says:

    Daniel Bryan.

  16. WF4L says:

    Apparently Australia has been trending

  17. Mike O'Tren says:

    Hear that? that sound in the distance? it’s the sound of feminists my boy,
    they’re coming!

  18. That Guy says:


  19. James Mays says:

    I thought this would have to do with Bob Dylan but I was very disappointed

  20. VenganceAngel19 says:

    so, u can contain alot of dangerous animals and plants that would kill an
    average person and make commercials about killing urself near trains and
    ballsacks on an open screen. yet treat a smuggled dog as a criminal that
    has to post it on the world wide web? austrailia definitely topped japan in
    the weird catagory