The Arena – Lindsey Stirling

The Arena – Lindsey Stirling

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Special thanks to Derek Hough!

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20 Responses

  1. SiLenTuce808 says:


  2. Alyx! At The Disco says:


  3. TyecoK says:


  4. isabela Quidouw says:

    Lindsey in my book you are a very complete artist: you dance, write and
    play beautifully. i ejoyed the piece alot. the video however felt a bit of
    mad max and (no disrespect intended) a bit comercial as well. I understand
    an artist must take music to another level which implies change into the
    work it’s being produced, however, I miss the Lindsey who’s videos were
    about beauty expressed through music in natural scenarios with a much more
    natural look on her face as well. I love your music however the last 3
    videos did not felt like Lindsey stirling’s.

  5. Samantha Pool says:

    I love your music! Your so cool!

  6. chantal neri says:

    love the music and the dancing

  7. obsessionsofadancer says:

    The dancing in this is amazing!

  8. Jenny Dre says:

    Magnifique ! ?? J’admire toujours autant l’incroyable énergie de Lindsey
    et son violon ^^

  9. Matthew Hydinger says:

    if you don’t mind me asking Lindsey what’s your religion cause mine is

  10. Никита Шараев says:

    Superbly, as I understand it, first of all, everything we do should bring
    pleasure to us.

  11. laura colamarino says:

    the only black people are always in the arena…

  12. Disneygirl66 Toy Reviews says:

    All ready bought the song! ? LOVE IT LINDSEY!

  13. Ori says:


  14. BlackFurio says:

    Mad Max ?

  15. KurenaiKunai says:

    was she dancing with derek hough?

  16. Jose Munoz says:

    I love you, Lindsey

  17. Sadaf Nawabi says:

    This is beautiful. I know it is supposed to have a Burning Man vibe, but I
    got more of a Game of Thrones vibe lol

  18. Bastian : D XD : p says:


  19. JellyPotion says:

    Love it <3

  20. SweetSprouse Chinez says:

    AaaaAAAaaaAAaAAH je t’aime!