The Art of Flaking

The Art of Flaking

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47 Responses

  1. Thomas Sullivan says:

    You know how most games treat you really nice as soon as a boss battle is about to show up?
    Like, it gives you more healing potions and better loot without you knowing that you’re gonna get crushed by some boss monster? Well thats how i feel rn with two Domics videos in one week. I’m scared. help me. ;-;

  2. Neha Midatana says:

    I’m supposed to be at a party right now but domics is more important

  3. Koji Koda says:

    Karen and the kids are really good at flaking!

  4. MokiMeow says:

    You won’t be a flaker/ have a flaker friend if you don’t any friends

  5. Royaam Uzumaki says:

    “Bull-a Shyiet”

  6. Cryphorce says:

    I originally thought this video would be on dandruff

  7. Puerto Rican Mapper says:

    Can’t be a flaker if your parents don’t let you agree to go out in the first place

    (Cries in Not Adult)

  8. bde says:

    my favorite intro !
    “hey guys, this video is sponsored by…”

  9. Lemony Rivers says:

    I don’t get invited to social gatherings so I don’t have this problem

  10. Lapo mouni says:

    You have to go out of your comfort zone!

  11. Asiboe says:

    Im usually feel too guilty to flake. Even when I have an actual excuse i usually force myself to go anyways

  12. Blazing Blaze says:

    Mate I mean I would flake my friends to play my Nintendo switch

  13. Dat Meerkat says:

    I actually cant remember if I ever flaked before. Probably did as a child but cant honestly remember ^^

  14. Waffles Death says:

    I’m flaking on school


  15. The Narrator says:

    I am the one telling people no upfront all the time…
    It sucks to be so busy, but I do have great friends that understand and when I can make it up to them, I do it up right!
    Sometimes….. at the detriment of my sleep schedule, but that’s a price I am (sometimes) willing to pay!!

  16. Anti dead meme Organization says:

    Flakers are the most annoying thing, people invite me and i dont come.
    Its really annoying

  17. Pixie 123 says:

    Ha, jokes on you I don’t flake because I don’t have any friends


  18. Kuramashi says:

    Mmmm do I have some tea to spill

    So this happened recently, my friend was looking for someone to go to the mall with. I of course was down bc who doesn’t want to go to the mall. We made plans in two days advance and set a time I would be picked up at which was around 12:00 or 1:00. I patiently waited, excited when 12:00 finally came around. I waited, and waited, and waited for what seemed like forever. When I finally decided to check in with them it was around 1:30. I sent her a text if we were still going. She didn’t text me back until 10:00 THAT NIGHT! here is what she said “oh sorry my mom said I couldn’t go anymore and made me to laundry and stuff :(“ which I did not believe at all since we planned this two days in advance and agreed that her mother would take us. It was really annoying and I sill doing forgive her 🙂

  19. SigiS says:


    (weird accent) But it’s a load of
    _B U L L E S H I E T_

  20. Arry Animations says:

    2 videos in a *week* ! Domics, is it really you?

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