The Art of Handmade Pasta

The Art of Handmade Pasta

Two artisan pasta makers perform their craft, exploring a beautiful marriage between eggs and flour.

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Michael White
Chris Borgatti

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55 Responses

  1. Lianna Hernandez says:

    I bet in like…2028 .. Borgatti is going to be a name of a car.

  2. Oliver Heng says:

    who doesnt love pasta is weird

  3. Cheonsa•-•아름다운 says:

    That’s so cool I love pasta!

  4. bouchebka rayane says:

    God damn I was watching a tasty video then I saw the notifications of this video

  5. slime queen crazzzy bath&bodyworks says:

    Hi love you guys

  6. Nyan cat says:

    *I’m hungry now. Thx*

  7. liza galstyan says:

    I love these types of videos!😂

  8. Umar Ahmad says:

    I watch these like I’m actually going to even attempt these.

  9. Avery Lopez-Baines says:


  10. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    This is amazing!!

  11. YoursTruly says:

    The best thing about pasta is it can be classy or casual

  12. Jacelyn says:

    The kind of quality content I subscribed to Tasty for. Hope to see more – perhaps do a series with a consistent theme like noodles – branching out to ramen, Chinese egg noodles, pho, soba etc.?

  13. Manar Hadi says:

    The fact that his name is on a street sign is AMAZING…..props to you man..😂

  14. Essem Sween says:

    Now THAT’S what I call Tasty

  15. Fatouma Yalcoue says:

    That machine that cuts pasta is so satisfying omg

  16. 01emercado01 says:

    Food is so beautiful to me, no matter what religion you are a part of, no matter what race you are, no matter where you come from, food is a universal way to come together and enjoy.

  17. Braincube 013 says:

    Back when machines weren’t there, greed was lower, and Art was real.

  18. Episode Stories says:

    When I was younger my mom always used to tell me pasta was made of worms, now that I’m older and because if these videos I know that’s not true and pasta is one of my favorite meals🤗

  19. Bogmire42 says:

    Halfway through this video, I went online and ordered the “care package” from Borgatti’s. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  20. Berry Tania says:

    Pure art! This is the quality content I came for!

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