The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

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Credits: Peter Song’s Restaurant: Shuichi Kotani’s Website:


Licensed via Audio Network

Shuichi Kotani
Peter Song

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45 Responses

  1. Mya Q says:

    Wow I didn’t expect this video to be so deep

  2. SupremoKing - Mobile legends says:

    Yumm. All them sweats from the hand to make the noods for tasty 😉

    • David Nguyen says:

      LMAOOO you’re extra

    • Cacklea says:

      SupremoKing – Mobile legends LOL its not like they cook the noodles or anything. Or wash their hands. Or do anything remotely to clean themselves before making food 🙄🙄🙄

    • Mariama Bah says:

      I love when people make comments like these cause it shows how ignorant they are about how most food is actually prepared.

    • MysticM3lody says:

      SupremoKing – Mobile legends People wash their hands before cooking, that is like the most basic rule…. are fucking dumb?

  3. Sara Ahmad says:

    Nice video

  4. lamoskgr Moskow says:

    What an amazing video. It’s like martial art with noodles. It’s like watching a movie. Amazing job guys!

  5. Lou Woot says:

    This was so well produced and edited, food cinematography at its best.

  6. Murl Harmon says:

    That was art. Just the pure form of art because they truly enjoyed the art of making.

  7. Christy Tina says:

    I love watching people who are passionate about food. This was amazing. Thank you, Tasty.

  8. Avocado Warrior says:

    They’re like Jedis.

  9. Allyson Latini says:

    I didn’t think I would cry from watching a noodle video…. but I just did

  10. SPCBRAWLERZ says:

    Amazing talent!
    We need more videos like these!

  11. Badar Shahzad says:

    I love Japanese Tradition, Culture & Cuisine. Its so elegant and complex at the same time.

  12. Emma's Goodies says:

    This is art! Truly amazing!!

  13. dilasquarepants says:

    This is why i adore men who cooks

  14. pink unicorn says:

    I’m chinese so I understood this

  15. Jasmine Tígre says:

    Thanks. Now my sister is going to show my mom this video, and I will have to practice making my pasta until it looks like theirs😩.

    This is motivation for me though🤔😊

  16. Estefanía Hernández says:

    This video is the best

  17. David Grimaldos says:

    Both men are… Masters Pro Boss Level: Super Sayayin World Class Optimus Prime 😱👏🏼

  18. 8 and Sk8 says:

    A whole career making noodles… I had no idea that was possible.

  19. gentlegirl88 says:

    It really is like art!!! Really Delicious 😋 Art!!!

  20. Vijay Chaturvedi says:

    This is better than porn!!

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