The Auction Corvette Attempts a 9 SECOND PASS! (First Pass w/Powerglide)

The Auction Corvette Attempts a 9 SECOND PASS! (First Pass w/Powerglide)

Ruby goes for a 9 second pass!!!
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77 Responses

  1. Cleetus McFarland says:

    All I’m sayin is we’re attempting an 8 at Cleetus and Cars Houston on feb 16th! Be there!!

  2. TheOzarkWizard says:

    Instead of using water and ice, use isopropyl alcohol and dry ice

    • B.Roa 23 says:

      Stop trying to be Einstein dude. Everyone or most of the dude that drag race uses ice to cool down. Simple as that. No need for complications plus it is more convenient because they can just buy a bag of ice

    • sinformant says:

      +R7 Kelley know it all? What he said was the first thing I thought of when I thought of salt water and aluminum.

    • Martian Potato says:

      +B.Roa 23 except that his idea is a lot better and that almost all the top dragsters use em, …so just stop

    • Pandora's Steak House says:

      Actually tuna blood works better that isopropyl alcohol. A tuna’s natural cooling is bar none the most efficient out of any other animal.

    • Max Philpot says:

      Just go full stupid. Fully pressurize it and fill it with liquid nitrogen with a compressor in the back. Could keep the intake temp at like -200 haha.

  3. bdd1469 says:

    If they cut the baffles out of the oil pan the oil pickup is sucking air everytime you leave hard , and the oil is being pureed by the crankshaft , otherwise known as windage. But thats none of my bussiness……..

  4. Maverick says:

    Remember leroy? Pepperidge Farms remembers

  5. Thereis1 says:

    12:38 “…this thing needs a roll cage”

    cleeter fears the rubster

  6. DIllon Green says:

    The 81 dislikes must not like bald eagles and 9 sec junk yard motors lol

  7. Asher Friedlander says:

    Who else thinks ruby is going to be faster than Leroy someday because it has a body?

  8. Kevin Bowers says:

    IDK how that cooler flapping around passed tech?? Strap that jank (yes jank) down,, or get it to the back of your dome. Congrats, but ouch,,ed.

    • R7 Kelley says:

      Jank? You must have been an inmate at some point

    • Kevin Bowers says:

      +R7 Kelley for a week. Are u implying I’m black? Wrong again, you are likely too young to remember that term. Like “dome” its from the eighties.

    • Pandora's Steak House says:

      I have never seen/had a tech inspection for test and tune at a Florida track.

    • Lassi Kinnunen says:

      +Kevin Bowers so what you’re saying is that you were an inmate for a week in the 80’s, got super quick judgement and were a convict for 30 years and just got out?

      and of course its a jank af build thats kinda the point.

  9. LsxMatt says:

    Lmao who needs a fancy forged bottom end.

  10. 4everGaming - says:

    I want a “it’s still gots oil pressure” sticker!!! Like so he can see this !!!

  11. Hal 2000 says:

    We didn’t change a THING except put in a $20,000 transmission!! lol

  12. Josh Dobson says:

    That crossover pipe going under the oil pan getting red hot it’s probably not the best for your bearings

  13. Dan Owen says:

    if the baffles in the oil pan have been cut out then the windage push from the crank will blow the oil out to the sides of the pan , you need a deeper sump pick up a good design windage tray for the pan . moroso makes a good one. bottom line is yes your starving it for oil at high rpm. and run 15/40 mobile 1 or valoline or royal purple, oils. then your heat issue is minimal as well. also make sure your oil cooler has clear passages they can get resticted over time depending on use. and if engines ever get blown up then pieces can get caught up in oil coolers as well resticting them and causing oil pressure mystries. put an after market high volume oil cooler on it. well worth the 100 bucks ! ?

  14. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Dang did you see that exhaust pipe? Man it was glowing as bright as the headlights! That’s a ripper there!

  15. FishGame Strong says:

    9.30’s of the trailer….Ruby is officially a national hero! Amazing guys! (Time to cage her up Cleet, we’d all like to see you safe man.)

  16. Blanco Niño says:

    So i really love roadkill, b is for build, tavarish, McM etc. i caught on to good ole cleeter kinda late in the game. But quickly i think the channel is now my favorite. Its funny, it’s informative, and there is constant content.

  17. Jonathon Parker says:

    Get a 6.0 and try it out.

  18. LordMustangGT93 says:

    DUDE! do something about the ice tank, for real, Thats so dangerous to have like that

  19. Eric Ford says:

    I love it, $$$$$ trans, but still have a $1 bungie cord holding the ice water…

  20. Palmtree says:

    Cleetus, could you not break something for *five minutes*

    • aaah tex says:

      **COOPER BROKE IT!**

    • Aaron Davis says:

      It’s a junkyard 5.3. It’s not gonna be another Leroy. The build’s spirit is going as fast you can with the block, break it, then do it all over again. It’s cool that it’s accomplishing these numbers, but the build is about sketchiness becoming graceful in the moment.

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