The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PASS Part 3: Boost Creep Edition

The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PASS Part 3: Boost Creep Edition

Track day… the moment of truth!
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61 Responses

  1. Boosted Lexus says:

    Hey man, us 2jz guys also use twin gates to aid in boost control. Just a thought.

  2. StL ChuckO says:

    “Not sure why I didn’t let off”
    A) Did it for Dale
    B) Let ‘er rip tator chip
    C) Hungry for that 8
    D) All hopped up on Bartle Skeet
    E) All of the above

  3. SupaNami says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a clean pass with the 240, looking forward to in the future!! lol

  4. Grumpy Modeler says:

    Ruby’s engine survives the track day for once…

    James didn’t break any axles…

    “Not every track day goes as planned”

  5. M Kefer says:

    Someone really needs to build a turbo’d cargo van and call it “The Boost Creep”.

  6. Dad In The Hat says:

    Hey Cleetus, Love the videos, but could you please refresh Ruby’s headlights? The poor girl ain’t gonna be able to see straight soon.

  7. 94XJ says:

    You know what engine would just be like “Let ‘er creep”?? An LQ4.

    I ain’t giving up yet, Cleetorus.

    • SQ Motorsports says:

      L05. Can’t kill one if you try… I’d even dare Cleetus he couldn’t make enough boost to kill one of those iron dinosaurs.

    • MSengineering David says:

      I’m sure he can destroy it my boy no engine is indestructible.

  8. Chris H says:

    @3:05 Cooper take it slow, don’t need a full pull on that sandwich!!

  9. Robert Barker says:

    Cleetus you have finally matured knowning when to quit before destroying the engine?

  10. The H2O Mechanic says:

    I’ve got a free TAIL w/g if you wanna run duals. Mine looks just like yours with a 8lb spring. If it goes on Ruby I have no problem mailing it to you

  11. Noize says:

    WELL both cars made it it out alive ………..the water test had James thinking, WTF do i have to fix now? xD. great video as always guys

  12. Alex Carpenter says:

    Hey Cleetus. My brother sent you a collector for that turbo. Check your mail bro! Sweet stuffff let eeerrrr ripppp!

  13. Johnny Blaze says:

    This is hands down the best YouTube car channel out here. You actually build shit and drive it. Great content ??

  14. FamilyMan Racing says:

    Depending on how much timing you are pulling, it could also be working like anti-lag, raising the boost, not making power, and glowing your exhaust since half the combustion is happening in exhaust.

    • Robert Bors says:

      FamilyMan Racing very true. However it’s pretty common on turbo ls stuff making that amount of power to run that much timing.

    • MSengineering David says:

      FamilyMan Racing you need fuel dumped for anti lag to work.. and it’s a strategy not a by chance event.

  15. GeneralKayoss says:

    James about to race in round 1…
    Two minutes left in the video…
    Knowing he’s going to lose :/

  16. Chris Negenman says:

    I’d rather watch these guys rebuild everyday then watch SS717 buy all his shit and not drive it. Keep on keepin on boys. ??

    • CBrackin says:

      +Jesse Carr obviously meant crap… would be interesting to see some one beat a fish out of a car.

    • x Chin says:

      Brexit 1776 doesn’t he click bait as well?

    • CBrackin says:

      +x Chin yes he definitely does. but after a while you just know its coming so it really does not matter that much. but it is annoying. He is just some what local to me like an hour. He put on a drag racing event at Cecil county drag way that was a pretty good time.

    • CBrackin says:

      you guys should check out BoostedBois, Dmaxryno, Durtymax jack, PFI Speed, Guitarmageddon, Faster Proms( cleetus’ tunner obviously) if you have not herd of them. What else do you guys like to watch??

    • Rusty Wells says:

      Who the fuck watches streespeed717 anymore!!

  17. Robert Morgan says:

    I can imagine Jeremy watching this, pulling his beard out, going “NO, do THIS! Do THAT! No, don’t do THAT?”

  18. Pat Cross says:

    Unless I missed it, and I doubt that, could you all give us a “tour” of James’ 240 at some point. It would be fun to see what he’s running. That thing is scary sick.

  19. Mia Valentine says:

    i love seeing james 240 on the channel
    could you also find time to a build breakdown of his car? I’d like to see his setup and see him race on the channel.

  20. Pickle Bacon says:

    That chute on James 240 hasn’t seen the light of day since he installed it back in 2010 ??

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