The Auction Corvette BOGS DEEP For 1,000hp… Can the Junkyard Engine Do It??

The Auction Corvette BOGS DEEP For 1,000hp… Can the Junkyard Engine Do It??

McFarland Tuning back at it again on the dyno!
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55 Responses

  1. Rafael Block says:

    100db Lawnmower
    110db Steel Mill
    120db Chainsaw
    123db Ruby
    130db Military jet aircraft at takeoff

  2. dave C says:

    You should dyno with the flap on the exhaust half half open. Watching previous videos from ruby at the drag strip that flap is pushed down from air resistance past the 1/8 mile.

    • Jayden Van Ness says:

      I mentioned that and commented on a previous video that they should turn them both around so the air will blow them opened

    • SkylineBNR34 says:

      +Goaty McGoatface I’d bet they lose absolutely 0 HP from the flaps.

      Considering bashing headers to fit inside a car does absolutely shit to the HP too.

    • 70chevelle8 says:

      dave C I think the restriction is the exhaust manifolds. Isn’t it a truck manifold on one side?

    • Pairis Fabrication says:

      SkylineBNR34 agreed I seriously doubt the tractor flap does jack shit

    • pdavid24 says:

      ​+Keefe Spencer The flaps have no effect on the dyno. The flap can’t even fully close due to the sensor at low rpm.

  3. Dan D says:

    1000 horsepower with a Powerglide vs. Leroy slamming gears.
    Cant wait.

    • S Furm says:

      Ruby is more consistent but Cleetus is also consistent

    • lenny 034 says:

      leroy gonna chop chop…… i hope haha. all fun

    • Jacob Moser says:

      James will snap the axle and lose? better have cooper drive and tell him you tuned it down for him but forget to actually do it and he’ll beat leroy

    • Josh509ci N/A says:

      +Desert Rat thats just based on hp and weight of a factory vette, theres a lot of weight taken out but a big turbo and all the stuff in the motor bay (almost said under the hood) it would be similar but still not accurate and those simulators are built for perfect conditions, d.a, and pro driver estimations but i like the idea i think the car will be more towards 8.40’s and it is all on tire size they are all running small tire almost a street tire size

    • RaidoFive says:

      This race could be legendary, I’m really pumped for the vid. Also hope Neighbor and Uncle Sam get to line up.

  4. I C says:

    Buys a junkyard motor a semi decent corvette…makes it into a beautiful masterpiece!

  5. Darren Fielder says:

    I love that you can see the dale truck in the reflection of the dyno graph

  6. Thereis1 says:

    *WEAR. EAR. PROTECTION.* for gosh sakes guys please 120+dB exposure is absolutely dangerous. Respect

  7. Steve Phillips says:

    Cleetus: we’re just gonna make 1000 hp and call it………………

    Does 2 more 1k pulls ??

  8. Logan Umstot says:

    James : feeling cute idk might open an entire bottle of nitrous in everything later.

  9. Gianluca Salvoldi says:

    Respect for this channel coming all the way from Africa!!

  10. Mike Kiel says:

    Employees must wash hands before returning to the taceedo machine

  11. ZSTRODE. says:

    I just left my girlfriends house to watch this in my car so I had complete silence ?

  12. Forcefed2002 says:

    Now that’s how you film the results of a dyno pull ! Nice and Clear & can see the shape of the curve in addition to peak numbers. Great job

  13. Matty 100%X35 says:

    Cooper: make sure you touch every square inch of every one (taquitos) lmao

  14. Jason Moyle says:

    Get Jeremy to tune the car with the new Turbo. What was the psi boost on the 1019.5hp pull?

  15. Roontang Davis says:

    Great camera work this time around. Didn’t miss a thing. Well done Coop.

    • gurrensama says:

      yea he did a good job, the only thing i want to see them add right now is subtitles in moments wear they test and talk and the same time

  16. MrCrazyking81 says:

    Absolutely amazing! I love this Channel! Best Channel on YouTube by far! Keep it ripping Cleeter!

  17. Panda-mic says:

    You forgot to ring the bell whenever a vehicle reach the 1000 hp mark. FeelsBadMan

  18. Jamie Leeper says:

    Honestly kinda missing the videos on the Dale Truck

  19. mayhem x says:

    Poor Cooper.
    He just wants one untouched taquito lol.

  20. Cannikin Borne says:

    When a Chevy-guy brags about his Ford whooping another Chevy-guy’s Chevy.

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