The Auction Corvette Goes For BIG POWER! Please Don’t Blow Up…

The Auction Corvette Goes For BIG POWER! Please Don’t Blow Up…

Oh Ruby… we need you to hold together for this one!
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66 Responses

  1. bruce cryor says:

    Pastacios with no shells, that’s good customer service ?????

  2. Joey Donajkowski says:

    Just put a 108 mm turbo on RUBY. with a partial hood for less drag

  3. Chaos Six says:

    Ruby is made with blood, sweat, and tears and maybe some tape.

  4. KIMO CONKLIN says:

    Summit has a Lexan windshield for $250.

  5. Muddy says:

    Everytime you say FULL PULL you end up pulling the engine. no more full pulling the engine

  6. FishGame Strong says:

    Tractor Flap power: ENGAGE

  7. toolhog10 says:

    The teams ave weight is gonna be pushing 300 lbs if the fans keep it going with the snacks

  8. YzMx says:

    ruby is slowly gonna be a full on build like leroy

  9. Tony Stifler says:

    Well this 4.8 will have a short life

    • Aaron Meadows says:

      maybe….. 4.8’s are alittle stouter than 5.3’s no one wants them because their the little brother

    • -Tq- says:

      I hope this build doesn’t raise their prices.

      Unless you’ve got a heavy car a 4.8 still makes more than enough torque.

      I want a 4.8 for a lightweight build.

    • Matt B says:

      4,8s handle boost like porn stars handle basball bat Ds. As long as you keep the knock out, they will make 1200hp once maybe twice

  10. Michael R says:

    22:16 Only if the 1570ft/lb of torque was real

    • Reebok301 301/202 says:

      Michael R when it dyno’d 901hp and it said 387 torque was that correct lmao and why isn’t it showing the correct torque if not are 4.8’s really that low on trq

    • Hyper72Valiant says:

      +Reebok301 301/202 the torque readings aren’t accurate. This 4.8 has tons of torque, just not 1500 ft/lbs worth lol.

    • arthur eastridge says:

      +Reebok301 301/202 they explained it in the video. The snail is screeching so much freedom that the Dyno is freaking out.

    • Darnell Nepia says:

      It’d be diesel then

    • TheMattc999 says:

      Reebok301 301/202 if you add the 387 lb ft and the 1500lb ft and average them you’re probably closer to what it actually is……

  11. Trial n' Error says:

    If you listen closely at 7:23 you can hear the two blocks outside whisper to the 4.8 “see you soon”

  12. Sergio Duenas says:

    Thise guys are freaken awesome I love thise videos I just love how they have fun with thise builds and how they push thise lil junk yard motors and the power they make

  13. Gixxus Bro says:

    Man, my car sure has been running good.

    *Cleetus wants to know your location*

  14. Boosted M3NACE says:

    Dear Cleetur,

    I just want to let you know that I was dead set on dropping in a turbo 5.3 in my international scout II, but I have since posted it on Craigslist after watching you go through 3 motors in weeks. Looks like I’ll be going back with the trusty ole sbc 350 with a little nitrous action. Thanks for the saved heartache and all the dingleberry action.

    PS don’t turn into diabeetis Cletus, from all the snacks

    Sincerely GoonRooster

    • gtolover1000 says:

      Boosted M3NACE I’d still run an ls series if you have a gen 3 keep it around 600whp if it’s a gen 4 your pretty safe til like 850whp

    • arthur eastridge says:

      You’re really basing your decision on this?? First engine had mystery mileage main bearings and stock rings with no extra gap for boost. Second motor got ran too lean and ate itself alive. It wasn’t the fault of the engines.

    • Mvstng GT says:

      Boosted M3NACE haha, and you think a SBC is a better choice? If you want to see what LS engines can really do, look up Richard Holdeners Big bang LS test.

  15. Jesse Murray says:

    as a tuner myself, I feel for Jeremy. Hes trying to tune a car in front of a million people while dealing with Cleetus…….

    • BolognaTheTiger says:

      Yeah I’d want the tuner to have full concentration and to be in “his zone”.

    • Eva Paz says:

      In many cases It seems as if there was an animal power expert and a thermodynamics power expert. But, wasn’t animal power the same as thermodynamic power?

    • Michael Mcginnis says:

      Are you close to wv got 2 awd cars need tunded

    • Stealthee 3k says:

      +Michael Mcginnis Don’t know where you’re at in WV but there is an AWD dyno at Early Performance. They’re just outside Uniontown PA, about 20 miles north of Morgantown, WV.

    • Michael Mcginnis says:

      +Stealthee 3k im in bridgeport right below motown just south of fairmont. And didnt know that il have to check them out thank you. Ive got a turbo audi and a jeep with a hemi i built up i want tuned

  16. John Cox says:

    Under 5 liters over 900 whp. Who else loves this?

    • Ronnie Mac says:

      Wayne Bollentin or he can just keep
      putting junk yard engines in it

    • Ricky Anderson says:

      Wayne Bollentin faggit

    • Wayne Bollentin says:

      +Ricky Anderson aww I’m sorry it being a ford must of hurt your feelings. Sorry I forget how butt hurt you manufacture dick riders get. We build and race with everything. Not use to having to be so sensitive about Chevy. It’s usually the dodge guys that freak out over anything not dodge.

    • John Cox says:

      I personally am a ford guy myself. But I have mad respect for an almost completely stock engine making this kind of power and is still alive even after just one pull.

    • Wayne Bollentin says:

      +John Cox it’s not that I don’t have respect for it but it’s a turbo motor. There’s no easier safer way to make a ton of power. It’s not like they’re spin the motor 7800rpm every pull. I’d feel the same way regardless if it was a ford , Chevy or Dodge. The manufacturer had nothing to do with the comment. I don’t know maybe I doing racing to long and it just seems much simpler to me. I’m sure he’ll run near 8.7 over the weekend at 155mph or so.

  17. Christopher says:

    7:07 Ed the Neighbor died but he has ascended to immortality as a meme.

  18. lucifur999 says:

    Maybe too much vibration on dyno due to the jacks underneath… Just a thought…

  19. crazyman8472 says:

    4:35 “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.” ?

  20. Levi Hutchison says:

    2:38 “We got oil pressure”
    New drinking game, everytime Cleetus says “we got oil pressure” you have to chug a Bartle Skeet

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