The Auction Corvette’s FIRST Fire Up w/Its THIRD Truck Engine! Preparing For an 8 Second Pass!

The Auction Corvette’s FIRST Fire Up w/Its THIRD Truck Engine! Preparing For an 8 Second Pass!

Heck yeah, RUBZ is back! Ready for an 8!
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70 Responses

  1. flying munk89 says:

    Cooper lol. ” are you parting out Leroy? Cuz I could use some stuff”

  2. 808 G8GT says:

    Cooper: “Are we parting out leroy….I could use some stuff!!” Lmfao!!

  3. EASY E Compton says:

    Hey brother Send it down the track for me I’m having a bad day my Surgery is today thank brother

  4. Lowres1080p says:

    Cleetus buys $100 motor from junkyard
    Also cleetus buys $700 fuel pump

  5. Munro 327 says:


  6. Mc Lingo says:

    Motors hate him
    His viewers love him

  7. Daniel Rowe says:

    You guys Better be on a Doritos bag with your own flavor. Sweet honey barbecue. Hey Texas Speed where’s Ruby’s fire dumpster 4.0 engine at?

  8. Broch Slanders says:

    You know what? This will decimate all, after, you put about fifteen grand in it or more. If we have to, overnight parts from Texas Speed.

  9. Loopie Louie says:

    Not everyone’s 2cents is worth 2cents. Send it!!

  10. jordan jaram says:

    sounds like james watched a ep of skid factory haha…even gonna port the oil pump.

  11. Backyard Boogie says:

    Why do you have water lines going to your subwoofer box?

  12. 1musicsearcher says:

    Actually, the plasti-gauge comparison is pretty legit.

  13. Big 'ol Booty Cheeks says:

    Gonna go for a record of most motors down in a Corvette. Lol

  14. damianDMonSTAR says:

    When does the atv build start? I been waiting forever

    • DRad A says:

      Tracker bogger gets LS1 and the geo engine goes in the buggy.

    • esqueue says:

      The ATV has been missing for quite a few videos now. I’m guessing that he sold it.

    • Brandon B says:

      I know I wanted to see that with some little 4banger revving to the Moon making all the noise and none of the power… But I have officially given up on that ever happening. They started to many other projects to be serious about that one I’m afraid

  15. TheNewLife25 says:

    When it blows please put a 6.0 in it..

  16. Moto Hunter says:

    My birthday is on Sunday (the 17th) and I’m turning 17, I’ve never really had a family I’ve been on my own since I was about 10. I’ve gotten everything I have by myself and watching you has helped me so much, I know you probably won’t see this but thank you so much. I just recently bought my first vehicle it’s a nothing special but it’s a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab not a hemi sadly but it does have the 4.7 v8 and I plan on get a superchips flashpaq soon and getting a little more power out of it.

    • stykyun says:

      Look at these salty bitches, jealous of a 17 year old kid for being proud of his accomplishments and being honest about his inspiration.

      Keep on keepin on Moto Hunter, and I hope you have happy birthday too!

    • Pandora's Steak House says:

      Motor hunter sounds like an easy life to me

    • InfiniteMushroom says:

      @Moto Hunter This may sound crazy but, you are at the right age to get yourself set up for life. You should join the Army or Navy and get training in whatever rate will teach you how to weld and do metalwork. Either than or be a mechanic and fix all kinds of trucks, tanks, and shit. That’s the kind of training that will pay off for the rest of your life.
      Yeah, boot camp SUCKS and sometimes you’ll think that Army or Navy life sucks. But, just hang in there, do your time, and get an Honorable Discharge. Sign up at your local VA to get health care. Contrary to the bullshit we all hear, I’ve always had good care at the VA clinics.

    • MaxxRussia says:

      InfiniteMushroom lol everyone thinks the military is the answer for everything.

    • InfiniteMushroom says:

      @MaxxRussia I wouldn’t say that the military is the answer but, it is often the only way out because all traditional career options are closed.
      Here in what’s left of America, we have the Economic Draft. Despite the endless lies about high employment, much of the jobs are junk jobs and NONE offer long term stability or prospects.
      The only way one can secure some future stability is to gain those benefits via military service. Thus, the Imperial War Machine is guaranteed a steady supply of cannon fodder.

  17. Shane Singleton says:

    Send it to the moon. With McFarland Aerospace!

  18. 95TurboSol says:

    I thought plasti gauge was common, anyone else from the old school days of the Omniman building the all motor civic? I still own that dvd lol

    • sambaritone says:

      Me too, plastic gauge is old school best practice.

    • Beef Supreme says:

      I was using that stuff since the end of the 80’s. nothing new here except the people. the technique of the example used here was either not shown or not correct. James got secrets? or?? but sounds like they do not want to be told the right way. So whatever! Losing faithfulness and viewers at that rate i’m sure.

    • Iexpedite1 says:

      Beef Supreme, if you’re watching this channel for best practices you’re wasting your time. It’s entertainment plain and simple. They probably get conflicting information about every step they take. One guy loves it and the next hates it. It would be hard to glean good information from all the noise thrown at them. These guys are slapping things together and seeing what happens. As long as they are wasting their money and effort, I’m watching.

    • veedubpat says:

      +Iexpedite1 Bingo – I’m here for a good time, and gosh darnit a good time I’m havin’

  19. Nate ! says:

    Might as well get a junkyard stamp card so your next one is free

  20. SPC pitts says:

    I hope you prove me wrong but I still think 4.8 is how many passes it will make.

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