The Auction Corvette’s Roll Cage and Parachute is COMPLETE! + Jet Camino Update!

The Auction Corvette’s Roll Cage and Parachute is COMPLETE! + Jet Camino Update!

Finally, now we can be a little safer with ol Ruby!
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54 Responses

  1. Jfk Clinic says:

    When are you going to do the gocart build

    OG subs will know what im talking about

  2. Andrew Lojewski says:

    Y’all are gonna end up with diabetes with all that Mountain Dew coming in ?

  3. Marc Somers says:

    Fuel in the oil because of the burned plug wires

  4. brianawd says:

    Let’s see you have burned up how many plug wires. That’s why you had so much e85 in the oil

    • I like black chicks says:

      brianawd well it is a junkyard engine soo… if it don’t last then that’s probably why

  5. patrick wilson says:

    Is it Hood time for ruby?

  6. syclone73 says:

    do an oil pressure test with manual guage to make sure the sending oil pressure sensor has not failed.

    what ever happened to the little off-road buggy “go-kart” ?

    • Sarin Highwind says:

      yeah, they need to go analog with oil pressure on this thing at this point.

    • Anarchy says:

      They were so quick to say oh bad motor. I was laughing saying I know they can’t be that dumb to trust a GM gauge!

  7. cullen3 says:

    ProFab did amazing work.

  8. Ed Wolfram says:

    Time for a Hans device Garret got to keep that coconut in place if a head on happens over 200.

    • studdaman420 says:

      Indeed. That is definitely a “do it for Dale” item we all wish Dale would have used! He could have been here still today if he had used one.

    • William Uskoski says:

      Whats that?

    • studdaman420 says:

      +William Uskoski Head and neck restraint system. Mandated in Nascar after Dale Earnhardt died from a skull fracture where the spine connects to the skull. I actually think Garrett has one that he wears when racing Leroy.

    • Ed Wolfram says:

      +William Uskoski Head and neck restraint.

  9. crazyjr says:

    Just put leroy 1.0 in it, Aluminium block should be faster

  10. jer ros says:

    Corvette, power glide, roll cage, carbon fiber, parachute, junk yard motor.

  11. Charles Ammon says:

    Save yourself the money and trip to the junkyard for ruby. Get her an engine designed and built to take the punishment you’re putting her through. I came here for ruby first, then Leroy.

    • Louis Barker says:

      Then you ain’t been here long lol most of us came for the c7 and stayed for leroy lol

    • Jake says:

      They cant just put a brand-new texas speed 427 in every single car they own. Thats just boring. The whole point of ruby is junkyard power.

  12. Mk2Dunx says:

    Please film james his wedding ?

  13. Richard Magnano says:

    Please, I beg you. Put Leroy’s old engine in Ruby.

    I want to know how fast it will go with body panels and a powerglide.

  14. Rj Number79 says:

    Yep, that guy was right. Ruby is cursed. 3 motors? That’s crazy ?

  15. Fast Freddy Muldoon says:

    Just look at it! Look at that. Just look at it!

  16. bmp3091 MMR says:

    Anybody else think about Ruby and the 240 being as fast as Leroy and all three of them racing together

  17. castanza128 says:

    “We don’t have oil pressure, lets rev it for a while.”

  18. Justin W says:

    Man if ruby 3.0 gets her into the 8s it would be awesome to see some Leroy Vs Ruby action #hellyeaBrother #doItForDale

  19. Chris Harris says:

    03:27 Looks like a street car! —-mmmm except for that four foot stack of a turbo on top of the exhaust manifold redirection. Other than that, the ginormous 3×1 foot intake perched on top of the engine like a big slab of billet aluminum should. Other than that…shoosh, how could we know that was a race car? Well other than the parachute out the back. But other than that, how could we know…err crap…the slicks.

    ..but other than that, it’s a street car!

  20. yardbirds89 says:

    Forza horizon 4 needs to add Ruby and Leroy …..we should bother them until they respond

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