The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

The Avalanches Brand New album ‘Wildflower’ featuring their first single “Frankie Sinatra” available to Pre-Order below:
Frankie Sinatra:
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Video Credits:
Video Directed byFleur&Manu
Video Produced by Jules de Chateleux
Single Credits:
Produced by Robbie Chater
Mixed by Robbie Chater and Tony Espie
Engineer Aaron Dobos, Michael O’Connell, Matthew Neighbour
Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne
Mixed at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne
Master by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound NYC

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20 Responses

  1. Juliette Nickle says:

    Ear Candy!

  2. dromedaryhump says:

    Love the horn sections and the use of brass instruments in this. Feels like
    a wild carnival ride

  3. Mother Night says:


  4. Amanda Macon says:

    My kids and I are in this video. Rofl
    At the beginning walking to the ice cream truck and my son running past the
    lady doing the split and running around slinging a shirt around. Haha we
    had so much fun that day.

  5. spaced81 says:

    My first impression is disappointing. It’s lacking the freshness of SILY
    (seems odd to type given it’s 16 years old!)

  6. Jacob Crim says:


  7. shenkaed says:

    awesome video, terrible song

  8. Steve27775 says:

    Wow, it’s even better than Frontier Psychiatrist. Kidding, nothing is
    better than that.

  9. Dom Huggett says:

    Frankie’s Joe Cream

  10. cactaceous says:

    This has a Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood but sunnier sound and vibe to it, plus
    the name, but I’m digging it. Perfect timing to drop it too. Kind of a rip
    off but a well executed one. I’m on board.

  11. Madvilllain says:

    It’s the aftermath of Dethklok passing through a town. No survivors.

  12. Mike R.L. says:


  13. rus Van says:

    MUSIC VIDEO OF THE 2016!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  14. v1337zInfusion says:

    i swear on my mums life i will sub to me

  15. Jorge Torres says:

    The light has gone out of my life

  16. dmoneyez67 says:

    Is that Danny Brown??

  17. Chocolabtastic Smith says:

    A welcome return.

  18. Michael Wilts says:

    After watching this I feel like I’ve just taken a shit load of LSD

  19. ambient says:

    They needed 16 years to come up with this garbage?

  20. LesserPlanes says:

    who the fuck listens to this. i dont believe anyone real listens to it