THE BANANA IS UNRECOGNIZABLE! Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep Gets Some Well Deserved Fresh Paint

THE BANANA IS UNRECOGNIZABLE! Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep Gets Some Well Deserved Fresh Paint

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We pick up this week right where we left off! The bodywork gets finished up, and the Banana gets prepped for fresh paint. I cut into Matt’s one of a kind Corvair hood, and end up needing some advice on how to complete the louvers for the Banana.

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23 Responses

  1. Holly Rachal says:

    Hope you guys had a great holiday season with your friends and family! Can’t wait to see the final results and see Matt and his crews reaction!!

  2. Bill Seibel says:

    The perfect fabrication trifecta, Matt’s Offroad, Fab Rats and Robby Layton Nation!!

  3. Mark Coleman says:

    new to the channel, found you guys through fabrats, and morr. liking the content. I’ll be staying after the banana and the golden nugget. I’m definitely interested in meeting the crew and shop tour

  4. Charlie says:

    And this people is why a quality paint job takes so much time and why it costs so much.

  5. David R. says:

    You guys really have a strange sense of humor at times. And what’s scary, is that I’m getting used to it LOL. You’re doing a great job on the Banana.

    • Russ Post says:

      He needs to learn about humor , when to use it or not . Lately it seems he’s trying more humor ,to me less desirable to watch . Just turn the volume down .

    • Zac Zuiderduin says:

      I thought the puns were a bit much at first(with their first banana vid) but now I love it!

  6. Dave Mitchell says:

    Facinating watching guys who know their craft. I think the “new” Banana will be awesome.

  7. Mik A says:

    I knew body work was highly detailed and labor intensive, but your attention to making it right is another level. Huge respect, amazing job!

  8. Eric H says:

    I know absolutely nothing about body work so your info has been both entertaining and educational, it surely looks great but from what I am picking up it is the amount of prep work that determines the beauty of the end product! You guys really have done a ton of work. I think it will be exactly what Matt and his team needs! Keep on keeping on!

  9. Richard Baumeister says:

    I have been a bodyman Painter and outside sales rep all my life and I must say you are the most conscientious shop I have ever seen. You use all the best products including your paint system as in my opinion Spies Hecker is by far the best paint in the world. It is quite refreshing to see the playtime you take as well as we are all human and need a break from the everyday hassle of insurance BS. just to have some fun. your employees will last much longer because of this. I am hoping you all have a very happy new year. hang in there socially and politically as the BEST IS YET TO COME! Yours truly Richard Baumeister

    • Robby Layton says:

      Thank you Richard!! This industry is getting harder and harder!! We are sticking thru it and doing the best job we can to give the best possible repair work and repair vehicles back to crash worthiness it takes skill, good products, and good tooling thank you for watching!!

    • Koperkoper says:

      I second this statement, I wish the “friend” who owned a bodyshop who agreed to take on my 69 camaro repaint project had half of your conscientious work ethic you have displayed in this short video. I also learned a few pointers. Happy New Year!

    • Someidot says:

      @Koperkoper I had the same problem with my GTI. I got rear ended and I took it to my “friend”. absolutely awful work.

  10. Jim L says:

    The quality of this job is going to be way above and beyond Matt’s expectations!! Great job!

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