The Batman – Arkham Deleted Scene (2022) Robert Pattinson, Barry Keoghan

The Batman – Arkham Deleted Scene (2022) Robert Pattinson, Barry Keoghan

SPOILER ALERT! Watch as Robert Pattinson’s Batman has an intense conversation with a villain at Arkham in this deleted scene from The Batman movie.

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42 Responses

  1. Cam Steady says:

    This is so dope. Need the sequel already.

  2. Green-Light Creations says:

    This Joker is do unnerving 🃏 And I’m all for it

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    This easily could’ve made the cinematic cut even more intense and atmospheric!

    • Cooper Williamson says:

      But it’s also understandable to not want to throw the joker into the final cut as it could take attention away from the main story and they might want to redesign him by the sequel if there is one

    • BroodingSoap says:

      We need 4 hour Batman sequel!

  4. YaBoiMeek says:

    This scene is so PERFECT…
    The way we know Batsman’s not the greatest detective yet that he’s pulling information and studying from the Joker. How CRAZY yet GENIUS the Joker is… And now we physically see the wounds from chemical poisoning. Just the connection these two have where the Joker just jumps from friend, to teacher, to almost Sith like trying to get Batman to break. It’s a blessing we have this!!!

  5. ThanossGaming says:

    This scene fits perfectly in the movie, there was no reason to take it out other than to take the attention away from joker and focus on the main story which is respectable in itself, but it makes me wish we got this scene in some form. This adaptation of joker has so much potential, and even though that’s not the laugh you would expect from a joker, the laugh fits this mixed adaptation so well that it’s easily permissable in its own right. Not only is this joker the psychological character that we needed representation of, but just like you would want, there’s no telling where this joker will go; he could easily be like the new 52, he could easily be like the Arkham verse, he even fits the animated series joker, all in one. It’s truly astounding how much development we get out of this 5 minute scene

    • Yaman Abbasi says:

      Damn, thats crazy.

    • ValdieMan says:

      He went in there and learned nothing. There was nothing that contributed to the plot. It was just Reeves giving us 5 minutes of Joker. It was a very cool scene by itself, but unnecessary in a 3 hour movie.

    • frenchbaguette says:

      @SilentJ And that’s something we learn throughout the film anyway. We didn’t need an extra scene telling us.

    • Krusty Kruss says:

      it’s a great deleted scene but no it doesnt fit in the movie. it doesnt advance the plot, it doesnt really change Bruce in any way. It’s a waste of 5 mins in a film that’s already long and tight as far as plot goes.

    • Dusten Ekoes says:

      Perhaps in the sequel they’d use this clip in the beginning, as a flashback or something.

  6. Rubecai Dubs says:

    Con solo verlo sientes tanta incomodidad y miedo!!! :0

    Hasta ahora muy buen Joker🃏

  7. Sasha Hariri Petrova says:

    chills. The way Reeves doesn’t reveal his face until that little bit in the end where you can see his mouth is genius, along with the sinister interpretation by Barry thanks to the script, gives the scene such tension and build up. So dark, I’m here for it.

  8. Sage Jote says:

    Joker being able to understand who the riddle is just by the case file is amazing, it really shows how Joker is able to manipulate people because he can read them so well

  9. Cesar Escorcia says:

    This is the most twisted Joker we have seen in the cinematic universe, loved every minute of this dialogue between him and Batman, Reeves did it right..

  10. Azerrz says:

    Hands down my favorite Batman cinematic universe already

    • alexanderdeadmansche says:

      Yeah it looks sick

    • Daniel Russell says:

      @Player the best one creating one

    • Andromeda Galaxy Nebula says:

      Doctor Strange and Wong will open a portal to his universe. He will meet Christian Bale Batman and Ben Affleck Batman and the Justice League.

    • TheMetalMAN1987 says:

      🤣….. wat a joke. First of all it been one movie that’s not a new cinematic universe. WB is terrible at building universes and making them work together. And secondly NO BATMAN FILMS WILL EVER BE BETTER THEN Christopher Nolan’s TRILOGY !!!! they were perfection.

    • kupcia says:

      @Starhunter preach brother we need fresh Batman villains like big wheel

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