The Beginner’s Guide to Elden Ring

The Beginner’s Guide to Elden Ring

If you’re not a beginner, then the most important section might be at 2:15, because I really want to stress the importance of Guard Counters and Super Armor in this game.
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00:00 Intro
00:25 Basics of Combat
00:43 Flow of Combat
02:15 Guard Counters
02:49 Super Armor
03:51 Two-Handing
04:47 Powerstancing
05:33 Flasks
06:22 The D-Pad
06:50 Death
07:38 Mounted Combat
10:02 Stealth
10:28 Crafting
11:22 Ranged Weapons
12:01 Armament Upgrades
12:58 Your Build
15:01 Ashes of War
16:11 Spirit Summoning
16:46 Multiplayer
17:29 The Map

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40 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    This is easily the most helpful guide out right now. And good luck to the folks who are starting their very first Souls game with Elden Ring.

  2. Andy Lunique says:

    Simple, clean, no major spoilers and no ridiculous rambling. Always one of the best for souls content

    • fourth knower says:

      Vaati saves the rambling for the lore videos anyways

    • Churlish Fziczygwyczowski says:

      I was going to comment but I was going to say all of this exactly, so thank you for having said all of those wonderful things so i wouldn’t have to go through the entire process of pointing out that he just gets straight to the point and doesn’t try to explain how he used skillshit or whatever the fk ty <3

    • AxxL says:

      You dislike the stuff that gets uploaded by my fingers clicking upload? Are you just a h8er boi? I say see you l8er, boi. Don’t watch the stuff that gets uploaded by my fingers clicking upload anymore. Your dislikes are damaging my good good GOOD reputation. I am a superstar, dear andy

  3. Synth 77 says:

    “they’re not blockin the path, they ARE the path” is one of the best realisations about how to play Soulsborne games. Thanks for the guide.

  4. Muhammad Matthews says:

    Tree Sentinel was the most humbling boss for me, I played the samurai class and every engagement ended in about 2 hits. I spent hours fighting him, not moving from the opening area, when I decided to move past him until I get a better shield. I explored caves, cleared out encampments and even fought other mini bosses until I got a 100 physical defense shield. After that I returned and beat Tree Sentinel like he was a walk in the park. If anything Elden Ring taught me that it’s okay to explore and return to bosses when you’re better equipped. You don’t have to slam your head into a brick wall and I think this design philosophy makes it one of, if not the most accessible soulslike to newer players and I’m all for it.

    • Austin Scheiner says:

      i suspect they intentionally put the tree sentinel right outside the tutorial exit to try and teach that lesson: walking away and leveling up might just be solution to an enemy or area you’re having trouble with

    • Christina Henning says:

      Well said. That’s what makes my want to try this game. It is nice to know that if a player encounters an enemy that is too difficult at first, they have the option to move on, level up, and then come back when they are more prepared. I love that and I hope FromSoftware will continue to incorporate this dynamic in all their future games.

    • Push me says:

      Imagine not doing a level one run your first playthrough smh

    • Aaron P says:

      For me as the Samurai it was Margit, I spent at least 2 hours on him. Learning his varied movements and adaptable attacks was a test in patience, especially solo. The key became being much more offensive, breaking his super armor and instead of going for the critical attack continuing the R1 barrage to trigger blood-loss then finishing with the critical

    • Pawfector says:

      I wouldn’t do anything until I beat him because of the amount of damage I was able to do to him. After many deaths, I began to understand how I could manipulate his A.I and I took advantage of it. After that, it was a cake walk. 😀

  5. Quentin Roemer says:

    I love how they take different mechanics from every game before elding ring, so good

  6. Jonathan says:

    haven’t even gone to Margit yet 6hrs in, the open world is so filled with fun stuff to discover and good bosses to fight

  7. Boodis Booya says:

    I was stuck at a boss and I realized when I got trap in the area that prevent you from fast traveling I got 1 red scarlet buff. It ripped right through the boss. Fromsoft games really do teach you that no matter how impossible a boss is that with a little preparedness you can get through

  8. Jumping Dragoon says:

    I accidentally found myself at round table hold and totally missed Margit the Fell altogether. Turns out you can go around a cliff path on the right side of the castle. What an amazing game.

  9. YetiCoolBrother says:

    I’m glad people like Vaati are putting these out, I’ve seen full on reviewers say things like “I got a new weapon and it did less damage than the one I was using,” as a legitmate critique of the game.

    • Clifton Savage says:

      @Pure hollow ah the last one I played was 1 so I’m outta touch

    • Pure hollow says:

      @Clifton Savage I was talking in the case of dark souls 3 but it works with any of the games

    • Clifton Savage says:

      @Pure hollow auctally I think it’s higher than+10 here

    • Molybdan42 says:

      Yep, heard that in the escapist podcast too,

    • lukkasz323 says:

      @The First Trillionaire If a weapon seems pretty good at the beginning and doesn’t have a bad scaling then it will be good untill late game.
      Stronger weapons are stronger at the beginning, but once you max upgrade both normal and special weapons you will notice that they are prettt much even in the end.
      I don’t recommend looking at Souls with a view of different games, because it truly is a different game. FromSoftware doesn’t even call Elden Ring as open-world.

  10. WackyTrench says:

    So far, i’m getting heavy Shadow Of Colussus vibes. Haven’t even gotten through Limgrave after a day of playing, and got firmly shafted by Crucible Knight and the Omen. Look real forward to reaching the base of that giant tree though.

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