The best and worst show on every streaming service

The best and worst show on every streaming service

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Everybody go thank @Eddy Burback for his very nice cameo

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Hulu
04:32 – HBO Max
08:23 – Disney Plus
10:43 – Prime Video
10:46 – Netflix
17:12 – hot dog

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41 Responses

  1. Harry Walsh says:

    Who will be pinned it’s a mystery

  2. jasonhorton says:

    Let me know when you are Crackle famous then we’ll talk

  3. yikes says:

    my favorite show is the home screen, trying to choose what to watch

  4. Bex Claire says:

    bojack being the crowned jewel of netflix is correct. i don’t care who you are, everybody felt dread and disappointment when we learned he waited 17 minutes.

  5. Aadya Agarwal [X B] says:

    strike 3 for Hulu is definitely the upcoming damelio family reality show
    It’s like giving a tv show to a bag of white bread

  6. no peace says:

    Bojack appeals to me so much but I can’t afford to have a mental health crisis because of a tv show

    • ayble says:

      It helped me through a lot tbh

    • Meow Holly Meow says:

      It was hard to watch for me, a real depression existential crisis, especially when my dad died. But the last 2 episodes are sobering and a wake up call. The penultimate episode will take you so low and the last will wake you up and say “oh, it’s going to be ok, not perfect, but ok”

    • pies muis says:

      @Meow Holly Meow yes i liking watching it when depressed especially the comforting ending yes <3

    • Leongeds says:

      As someone familiar with many of the issues they bring up in the show, it’s really cathartic to watch. Depressing, emotional and fucking horrifying at times, but cathartic.

    • Katie_ 2020 says:

      I love how no one is giving spoilers because the show is to good to ruin😂

  7. Sheeshify says:

    Make a “Say sorry to the corn dog shirt” that way people don’t have to know who you are to think it’s fucking hilarious

  8. Autumn's Latest says:

    When she said that “kids are so mean” even though she clearly never attended public school and had no saturated access to kids, i remembered that movie about a tall girl and a tiktoker responded by saying “my teacher called me chingchong”

  9. Patterrz says:

    Who exactly is watching the shows that are just “rich person complains about being rich”, like what’s the entertainment factor there??

    • Isaiah Lavers-Honey says:

      my mom looooooves it, she’s like relatively wealthy as well, i think it’s like a huge jealousy thing

    • Isaiah Lavers-Honey says:

      @Ash fully agree and it pisses me off to hear her and Khloe complain when they and their families literally created the beauty standard they’re criticizing

    • Jordan Dill says:

      I think people like to see what living that rich would be like, since most people will never reach that status of wealth. It’s sad, but sometimes people’s imaginary lives are more impressive than their actual lives

    • Vinski says:

      My 70 year old dad watches it and the Kardashians and all those type of shows. Why? I honestly don’t know

    • 소라 says:

      I think we all knew that one person that always ate up stupid shows like this. like ppl who are obsessed with everything going on in pointless shows like dance moms and toddlers&tiaras.. Basically shows that were meant to crash and burn from the start but were successful bc the cast was just full of arrogant people

  10. Vidio Unik says:

    Drew Gooden always trending 🔥

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