The Best Day Of Our Lives.

The Best Day Of Our Lives.

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27 Responses

  1. lupe ruiz says:

    I’m just gonna manifest and say congratulations on becoming dads. Jet and Max are gonna have the best parents. 💙💙

  2. Autumn Monique says:

    So excited for this journey for you two ahh love you guys☺️❤️

  3. Monica Carry-on says:

    Twin Mama HERE!!! Best advice I can give is to have your support team ready! Do not turn down any help. I also recommend that you push their cribs side by side because they truly do need each other. Don’t worry about one waking the other. Ugh I’m so excited for this new season of life for you guys. I’ll pretend Benjamin and Bishop are besties with Jet and Max!

  4. Carmen Torres says:

    Happy feeling all over! Thanks guys for being soooo cool about including us. And not being so guarded weird with the baby names. You didn’t have a big fancy wedding… I say, order another Burberry bib 😂🎉
    Truly excited for you! 💙💙

  5. lid0linda says:

    I just had twin girls a month ago! I will put that energy out there for you guys!

    In Jan 2022, I had a miscarriage and was so devastated as so many people around me were getting pregnant and having babies. Then in Aug I found out I was pregnant again but had some bleeding a week later and was like, shit I’m having another miscarriage. I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound and found two sacs! It was the biggest surprise of my life as twins don’t run in our families. When I told a nurse that we had lost before, she goes, oh your baby came back to you! Chills. 🌈👼 so thankful and blessed for my beautiful rainbow babies.

  6. Kels J says:

    I actually haven’t seen Shane this happy & excited about ANYTHING like this. I hope this helps his mental progress into better days, congrats!

  7. JMomof3 says:

    Congratulations times a million. These babies are going to have the best lives ever. I’ve been following Shane since back in his comedy sketch days and to see him fall in love with someone so perfect for him and now to having babies….this is such an amazing journey to see through a screen. I hope all your family dreams come true. I pray 🙏 it all works out in your favor.

  8. AMV says:

    Been following Shane since his first videos & watching his growth & this journey has been so special. Shane is going to be a DAD. I’m crying.

  9. Ew It's Amber says:

    i have genuinely never seen shane this happy he didn’t even know what to do with his hands and was going on and on and i understood every bit of it. i’m so happy for you shane this is so meant to happen for you guys ❤

  10. Mari Wing says:

    I’m so happy for you two! Seeing Shane this happy after all the crap that happened is making me smile like an idiot. I think you both are going to be amazing Dads.

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