The Best Movie Hell to End Up In – After Hours

The Best Movie Hell to End Up In – After Hours

The gang gets together for a frank discussion of what happens after you die (in movies like Disney’s Hercules and Bedazzled), on a quest of spiritual discovery to uncover which movie has the best version of being in the bad place for eternity.


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92 Responses

  1. Samuel Fernandes says:

    What about Chili fries!?

  2. Alex Gregg says:

    What up notification squad?!

  3. alexis sanchez says:

    Where’s the cast one no one likes

    • Daniel Fonseca says:

      Keef Fontaine I like when people bring up that opinions can’t be wrong. If my opinion was that black people are inferior, women are objects or that Hitler’s was doing the lords work, does that mean I’m right? Or would you tell me I’m an asshole and wrong?

    • Daniel Fonseca says:

      Keef Fontaine and by the by , many agree the new cast is shit.

    • Robert S says:

      You can like the new cast all you want, but they’re definitely not as good.

    • Keef Fontaine says:

      +Daniel Fonseca :
      If you expressed those views I’d be of the opinion you were a terrible person. You would still be entitled to your opinion regardless of my reaction to such expressed views.

      You seemed to miss a fundamental part of my previous statement. Opinions are neither right nor wrong. They’re opinions. People are capable of thinking and believing whatever they want. Opinions are not facts. Facts are correct statements based on research, evidence, and supporting documentation. They are true by their very definition. Opinions are whatever personal thoughts you pull out of your mind. Opinions require no support beyond your own assertion as to the veracity of your claim.

      So in short, you seem determined to prove your opinion is correct. You seem to think that because some others agree with you that is enough to transform opinion into fact. I’m sorry to inform you I disagree. My opinion is that the new crew do just fine. Perhaps if you presented factual evidence you could change my mind. Telling me you and your friends all agree is simply not sufficient.

      It was a nice try though. I particularly enjoyed how you attempted to turn this into a discussion regarding the melanin content of people’s skin, gender, and the existence of prejudice motivated genocide.

    • Keef Fontaine says:

      +Robert S :
      I don’t disagree with you. The new crew has neither the experience nor the dynamic of the original crew. I’m of this opinion: They’re getting a feel for the roles. If we give them time I think they’ll improve.

      If you look back at the early After Hours videos I found that the original crew was a touch wooden. They’ve improved greatly with time. So much so I’m sorry to see their time coming to a close.

      Back to the new crew, I think they’re doing well and may, in time, even surpass the original cast. Then again… maybe not. Only time will tell. Unless a vocal portion of viewership convince Cracked to cancel the entire program.

  4. October Rain35 says:

    Little Niki hell is the best

  5. Emicko Hania King says:

    Is this Soren’s last episode???

  6. hpso says:

    In Greek mythology don’t all the dead go to Hades, just different parts depending on their behavior while they were alive?

  7. Andy Brown says:

    I think the Dan Katie Sorin Michael episodes are getting worse than the new cast episodes

  8. Delia Brown says:

    This is the third time we’ve ended on Bill and Ted HOW ARE THOSE MOVIES SO APPLICABLE TO EVERYTHING.

  9. NET Alliance - Star Wars Fun says:

    Little Nicky’s Hell

    • morebakeder says:

      so which end of the pineapple do you shove up hitlers ass 1st? do you go bottom end 1st so the green top sticks out like a tail, green top 1st cause it would probably be harder to shove up that way and more painfull?

    • eliza washington says:

      THANK YOU. That was driving me nuts!

    • James Chaffee says:

      Necroglobule actually they were specifically metal heads who worshipped Satan and by extension Nicky. They were just being rewarded for their earthly fealty.

    • zemorph42 says:

      morebakeder as I recall, the latter. Of course it’s been over a decade since I saw that movie, so I could be wrong.

    • Anthony Norman says:

      Alex Gregg I’m with you. If that’s all Hitler gets in Hell, I could handle a daily prostate exam.

  10. espurious says:

    So is this Soren’s last After Hours, or will he still come back to make these?

  11. priest2001 says:

    I’m sorry for my UK based ignorance but what the hell is a Truffle fry

    • Ian Macfarlane says:

      Liese Miller Not cooked – that would be horrendous & expensive too.
      Truffles are an extremely powerful flavour – there’s no way they’d be anything like edible cooked in truffle oil.
      No, they’re just drizzled in a tiny amount of truffle oil or truffle salt.

    • Thanatos Erebusson says:

      Don’t be sorry. I live in the United States and I still don’t know what a truffle fry is.

    • Ian Macfarlane says:

      Nexis siempreaqui It’s a method of preserving truffle (usually black, as the best white ones are whisked away to good restaurants) along with truffle oil and truffle butter.
      All you are doing is putting a sliced up piece, maybe half oz, into a sterile container with around two cups of decent rock salt, sea salt or even table salt – probably doesn’t matter as much as some people would suggest because the truffle will impart it’s flavour into the salt.
      Close it up, and around a week later it should be quite truffley (you could speed it up by slicing it thinly, and giving the container a shake every couple of days).
      It’s delicious on fries, in fact any potato dish is awesome with truffle salt.
      Pasta, but make sure your accompanying sauce suits it.
      Pasta, with butter, olive oil, truffle salt & CRACKED™ black pepper is gorgeous.
      Eggs – particularly scrambled eggs, with a bit of cheese grated through them right at the end of cooking – Pecorino, Manchego, real Cheddar – in fact any quality cheese is great in scrambled eggs (other than blue cheese – that’s for the table or sauce).
      Meat – use truffle salt as your seasoning on meat.

      (Sorry, I’ve just remembered that you only asked what truffle salt was – I do this all the time.
      It’s an affliction, and boring as hell for other people.
      I’ll go….)

    • Brainstormer623 says:

      They’re like fries, but truffled.

    • Troll Food says:

      Troy Trader. Your idea sounds awesome but is a little too pricy for the kinds of places that sell truffle fries. It sounds great but would probably end up being like $30 bucks for a plate of fries.
      Most polaces as Spencer said use truffle oil. Its usually imitaion truffle flavour. It is super pungent and should be used super sparingly.

  12. Daniel Rushby says:

    what the fuck are truffle fries

  13. The Tertinator says:

    The “Good Place” u think your in the Good Place so u have all the perks of the Good Place but your with 3 other who u hate but u could always avoid them and hang with the angels who are pretending to be people and torture them instead, as long as you dont figure out where you are your set for eternity

  14. bjam89 says:

    What about hell from the show Lucifer?

    • Nick M-S says:

      I’ve only seen the first episode of Lucifer before I got bored. What’s his hell like?

    • Nick M-S says:

      Wait isn’t that the one were you’re tormented by reliving the worst thing you’ve ever done until you don’t feel guilty anymore? Man sociopaths would be outta there in no time.

    • Nick C says:

      Nick M-S you actually only go to his hell if you feel guilty in the first place, this was actually brought up in a recent episode.

    • Phil Maggiacomo says:

      Sort of. The one time we see it in Lucifer, the guy wasn’t tormented so much just by the thing he did to get there, but by the reactions he got for doing so: mobs of people jeering at him, and at least an implication that they might have done him physical harm each time.
      Lucifer did say he’d get out once he forgave himself. Don’t know if that was specific to him, or applies to everybody, but definitely seems like it would leave those with no conscience scot-free (though he doesn’t indicate where they’d go when freed).

    • Goji says:

      That hell is awful. Essentially, it has different sections, everything is personalised. The torment is picked in the way to best punish you.
      For people who have done something awful and feel guilty, it’s eternally relieving that moment (as for example that Doctor or Lucifer himself did, though the latter managed to free himself)
      If you like food a lot, you’d be starved to death etc.
      Also there is this lovely story of that guy whose biggest fear was to be forgotten. He was tortured and, like a good masochist he called the shots, but after Lucifer stopped torturing for a while, he was whimpering, pleading and crying, for him to never forget him again.
      When you then consider that Luci left hell….. well shit for him I guess.

      Also, how can you grow bored with that show? It is amazing.

  15. Madison Taylor says:

    The bible just describes hell as a godless place, it wasn’t until Dantes Inferno did the whole fire and brimstone appear. I propose that we are all currently in hell, here on earth. It seems pretty damn godless and many of us are miserable all the time. Plus it somehow comforts me to know that at one point or another I was just a massive dick and I deserve this existence

  16. SSmotzer says:

    So… Is the substitute cast in hell?

  17. chas wiley says:

    O thank god. We only get one after hours a month and I couldn’t get on board with that other crew. Now we get a watchable one every month again, instead of every other month!

    • MoonShadowWolfe says:

      We were always getting an OG cast once a month. That never changed. The second cast still exists, it just won’t be their turn for a couple of weeks. Keep up.

    • chas wiley says:

      MoonShadowWolfe thought they switched off every other month? I’ll take your word for it tho.. Idk

  18. K. Richards says:

    You can escape robot hell. But then you have to escape New Jersey afterwards.

  19. Rachel Frumkin says:

    So, first you kill Dan, now you put Michael in Hell. What next?

  20. sophia frost says:

    What are Truffle fries?

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