It’s been a couple hectic and stressful weeks here. And I am so glad and relieved that I can finally have a “normal” life again. That being said, I am thrilled and honored to announce, that I’ll be joining TEAM MVP DISC SPORTS starting TODAY! This is look and feel strange for a while but I am so ready for this change. I’m looking forward to take you guys on this journey with me. Thank you all for the amazing support!

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15 Responses

  1. Seth Romines says:

    I think one of the things I enjoy most about Simon is his simple honesty. We know that all these pros have to work to get used to their new manufacturers, but it’s nice to hear Simon come out and say it.

  2. Cory Wong says:

    congrats bro!

  3. Josh Worthy says:

    One cut ace. ALMOST as exciting as the announcement. Congrats Simon and MVP.

  4. Ryan Barnhart says:

    Simon throwing MVP makes me so incredibly excited for this season!

  5. ItsFrickinNick says:


  6. Rasmus says:

    Happy to see you throw Simon it is all that matters <3 Thank you for always lettings us be a part of the big things in your life brother <3 Legend <3

  7. TheFlakyBiscuit says:

    This is so amazing! I couldn’t be happier knowing Simon is throwing so many of the same molds that I’ve fallen in love with!!! I’m sure the Photon will make an appearance in his bag eventually =D I cannot wait to follow one of my favorites athletes on his new journey!!!

  8. Skyler Stoker says:

    Man this gives me some confusing emotions. You were a big reason I worked so hard to get on team discmania. While I would have loved to see you throw DM plastic for the rest of your career I am excited for this new venture for you. I am praying the contract you signed sets you up to be comfortable for the rest of your life! Sounds like gybros should expect some new distance drivers in the near future

  9. Aaron Graham says:

    Welcome to the MVP family Simon! Super excited to see you continue to demonstrate sublime skill on the course but now in a different way!

  10. Andrew Umana says:

    Simon throwing a Crave brings me so much joy

    • Josh Jackson says:

      I Love my proton crave with neutron Relay. Simon is sleeping on cosmic neutron which I feel is the best plastic in disc golf

    • shrapnel77 says:

      I remember losing my original and ordering a new one almost immediately. Forehand or backhand, one of the most reliable discs in my bag.

    • Mattias Olgerfelt says:


      Har aldrig kastat MVP… men vem vill inte vara en MVP… kan man köpa hela uppsättningen?

    • WiCkEd RS 716 says:

      He’s just such a normal dude, experiencing fame and fortune and you can tell he’s still kinda speechless about it. So glad for him!

    • E Autio says:

      Crave is the absolute best forehand disc ever for me (together with Clash, which Axiom discontinued). Super for backhand too. I so hi-fived virtually with myself when Simon took it out of the bag.

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