The Big Announcement

The Big Announcement

I will be streaming exclusively on Twitch starting September 1!


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54 Responses

  1. Vanbiddy says:

    I’m disappointed ? but I’m sure I would do the same,so Good Luck ?YouTube won’t be the same ✌️

  2. Rafie' Balim says:

    What happened to youtube being the biggest streaming platform? Damn.

  3. FlashPipo says:

    Everyone one that streams on YouTube: Goes to Twitch.

  4. TeamAssault says:

    two months ago : youtube is the best platform i would never leave and stream on twitch
    1 month after : 10m Contract ggs only

  5. TRIXZY says:

    I mean ninja left so they need a new big streamer so disappointed tho but good luck

  6. Baeches says:

    Guess Twitch tryna make moves after losing Ninja, smh

  7. Warner Meredith says:

    Nick Eh 30: I’m moving on to twitch

    Eh Team: Wait, thats illegal

  8. Xz4ct says:

    Nick: I don’t stream for the money.

    Twitch: are you sure about that

  9. OGFRANK says:

    That tuff im only watching your uploads now. twitch aint it

  10. Nick Santos says:

    Twitch sucks! YouTube is much more user friendly

    • Ghost says:

      Yeah cause all the “Kids” use Youtube for streaming

    • Nick Santos says:

      Ghost twitch would be nice if you could rewind 10 seconds like YouTube. Or if you close YouTube and come back 5 mins later you pick up where you left off or you can go back to live. Twitch can’t do that, it would be nice if you could

    • Ghost says:

      It’s a LIVE STREAM there’s no Rewind cause it’s LIVE
      If you missed it just watch it later

    • Youssef Zehry says:

      @Ghost its a live stream sure, however, having the options limited to where you can only watch the latest point of the stream makes it less user friendly, personally I like to go back in the stream to check the word I missed or something. Tho I still think its a good decision for nick because now that ninja is gone he has the potential of becoming the next biggest streamer of twitch.

    • YoDat Jordan says:

      Ghost what if u win a giveaway n had to do something

  11. Styles DeLeon says:

    Why are u switching to Twitch when you always praise how much better YouTube is

  12. ItsBrey says:

    Just like I similarly said to Ninja

    I feel bad to those who were monthly-members. The monthly streak ends

  13. Ramtin Toosi says:

    I thought you said Youtube was THE BEST streaming platform 😐

  14. Boltcaster says:

    Ah great cant watch a stream anymore without ads every 2 minutes

  15. victimized says:

    I love your streams and i really enjoyed watching you but I cant see myself following you on twitch . Im sorry Nick, Good Luck.

  16. mkthebest 36 says:

    Why u were my favorite streamer because you streamed on YouTube please comeback

  17. Mr Max says:

    I’m a member and I wish we could just stay on YouTube ? I thought YouTube was the best platform ? welp, good luck

  18. Ar Gabe says:

    Am I watching a commercial from Nick Eh or from Ninja ? I cant tell

  19. Not CaptainMax says:

    Really nick? We know it’s for the $, what about all your subscribers? That’s kinda low man. Don’t move to twitch

  20. SausageRoll 59p says:

    Nick was butthurt because he wasn’t getting invited to twitch rivals! Now all his fans can watch ads on twitch for him

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