The Big Bang Theory but with Ricky Gervais as the whole studio audience.

The Big Bang Theory but with Ricky Gervais as the whole studio audience.

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20 Responses

  1. Simon Feilder says:

    Please do every episode.

  2. Michael Price says:

    Do Jimmy Carr as well

  3. Billy Price says:

    Omg, what episodes did you use for the laughs? Some of them were so loud, I must know the context

  4. maxy waxy says:

    Oh look they have hot girls and nerds HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  5. Sexy Barry says:

    This is the only time ive ever laughed at this show

  6. Bhil Fitch says:

    You should do a more accurate version where no one laughs because this show is shit. But this was funny.

  7. ahou says:

    it sounds sarcastic as hell

  8. DaSingingDesi says:

    Quite possibly one of the worst TV shows ever.

  9. Rustin Badger says:

    needs to be Rich Evans laugh

  10. juanthestabber says:

    Ricky Gervais is funny. This show ain’t.

  11. Hamzeh Zubida says:

    Is this show still running? Love Ricky Gervais!!

  12. DragonPhlegm says:

    The funniest part about this entire show is that the actors are paid several regular yearly salaries per unfunny episode and they still complain

  13. AccurateCrabLegs says:

    I accidentally knocked over my bowl of meat while watching this!

  14. Davon85J says:

    0:41 need the source of this one lol

  15. heywhatsup65 says:

    Its funny because the show its not funny and he is laughing at it!

  16. Mac Sparrow says:

    i can’t believe how terrible this show is without the laugh track

  17. kael'thas sunstrider says:

    laughs are sooo annoying. I love that series but they kinda ruin it

  18. mistervanderveer says:

    5 seconds in and I’m already in need of a rebreather.

  19. BaileysBeads says:

    How are we going to explain this fucking show to our grandchildren?

  20. Trap Music NOW. says:

    I can finally watch this show now.

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