The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Apologizes to Bernadette (S12E06)

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Apologizes to Bernadette (S12E06)

Season 12, Episode 6 ‘The Imitation Perturbation’

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42 Responses

  1. Carmelo Sgro says:

    he should have said sweet

  2. Chloe Amber says:

    Sheldon shouldn’t have to apologise, Bernadette and Howard should have said sorry first

    • Ujjwal Uniyal says:

      Bernadette used to be one of my favourite character but now she’s always so mean to others, since past seasons and she’s a big fucking hypocrite.

    • Md Aamir Sohail says:

      Yes but what about Sheldon putting always Howard down coz he is engineer and making fun of MIT shouldn’t he also apologize for that but again in this case Howard needs to apologize too.

    • Niamh Mclarnon says:

      I agree,

    • Jan Krynicky says:

      Let the Wookiee win!

    • E-man Gaming says:

      Chloe Amber ur right bernadette literally said just before that happened that sheldon could dish it out but not take it but when sheldon and amy went around this and returned it, she got pissed and through a hissy fit

  3. Neil Nunez says:

    I just noticed that they brought back the isomer transition frame (I don’t know the technical term. Haha) from the pilot. What a way to wrap the series up.

  4. Bec Thumma says:

    I like it when someone puts Sheldon in his place, he needs to learn how to be human so he isn’t constantly hurting people’s feelings everytime he opens his mouth. In this episode he insulted a 2 year old and never even thought about it.

    • Tom Chagas says:

      He is autistic

    • E-man Gaming says:

      What does hating trump have to do with anything, i simply said people know its not real but the point of it is to refer to real life situations but u wouldn’t know anything about that IDIOT (Jim)

    • Jim Caponzi says:

      I can safely guess just by your “gaming name” that you’re a 14 or 15 year old pimple, maybe younger like 12 or 13 but with that said I don’t have time arguing with a child that throws a tantrum because someone calls people out for being assholes.. yes its just a show its not real thats what I was trying to tell those sea hags.. now if you will excuse me I have work to do little one

    • E-man Gaming says:

      Jim Caponzi your right i am 15, you probably only knew that cause you went on my channel and saw one of my videos but thats not important, what is important is that you made a comment demeaning a load of people and tried to make me look like a spoilt 9 year old child even though i’ll probably end up getting gcse grades that your parents thought weren’t even possible based on what they saw on your paper.

    • E-man Gaming says:

      Jim Caponzi also I was to angry to say this before, why did you just call me little one? YOU DISGUSTING CREEP

  5. sparxstreak02 says:

    I get that Bernadette had 2 grow a backbone early on in life & that involved being mean when necessary but y does she have 2 act that way 2 her friends? The few times they made fun of her they were drunk or just angry. They weren’t being bullies yet SHE often acts like 1 herself which is y she’s my least favourite character (tho Penny isn’t far behind)

    • Green Goliath says:

      Shelter301993 it acts like one since he doesn’t understand it and yes he does some times do it on purpose but a lot of the time he doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong I completely agree with you I couldn’t be friends with him also I’d end up killing him 🤣 yeah he does pick on Howard and always have that’s the one person he does it to most

    • Andrew J Music says:

      Love Penny is always somewhere in the comment when it comes to abuse lol

    • Andre Weston says:

      Green Goliath Me, I would just like the show to be a bit more realistic, e.g. “Leonard, U have to take me to work, the comic store, the train store. No, Sheldon, I Do Not, take a cab, bus, walk, OR ASK NICELY!!
      OH YEAH, F¥@% the roommate agreement!!!!

    • Thomas West says:

      Yeah Bernadette didn’t deserve a apology if she doesn’t like when people are mean then she should stop acting like such a bitch.

    • yumusic says:

      I can’t stand Bernadette

  6. Jaden Abed says:

    I want watermelon

  7. Nadine H says:

    Sheldon just walked in without knocking three times. Strange.

  8. Gaby Bown says:

    Let the Wookie win jaja

  9. Sam Bradley says:

    2:38-2:41: my ex-girlfriend in a nutshell

  10. U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It says:

    Sheldon didn’t know that about danishes years ago when they were playing Counterfactuals?

  11. U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It says:

    “I can walk into your apartment unannounced, but you just walking into my house is a violation.”

  12. Anna Schmitt says:

    I just strongly dislike Bernadette, she is always so mean to everyone, even her closest friends and her husband

  13. Armin Tabari says:

    “Really star wars?!”
    “Amy let the man speak”

  14. Erich Altekalt says:

    Amy can start a new series, RICH AND FAT

  15. Melanie Dsouza says:

    Sheldon and Bernadette share a very unlikely relationship

  16. SeanVplayer says:

    “I tried calling for help, but the only one who could hear me was the Dog”! ROFL!!!!!

  17. Kiki Howe says:

    Bernadette and Penny are mean and hateful ….every episode ..

  18. Divya Sasidharan says:

    My goodness Howard n Bernie make fun n actual mean comments about shelly n Amy all of the time n here for once they were brought to attention about her quirks she is offended? . WOW !!

  19. Naruto Namikaze says:

    Actually beside Leonard all the other characters of big bang theory (main cast) are pieces of trash …I mean think it yourself would you ever be friends with them in real life and if you’re answer is yes you are either lying to yourself or you get turned on when someone insults you

    • DomWeasel says:

      I’m British and like many Brits I introduce my best friend to people as ‘He’s a prick but you’ll like him.’, and last time he introduced me to someone he said ‘I did warn you.’
      Some people express affection through insults they don’t mean.

  20. Marissa Grubbs says:

    1:12 Howard is wrong when he says R2 and Chewbacca were playing holochess. It was C-3PO and Chewbacca.

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