The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-Upload)

The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-Upload)

Please enjoy our creative property, a parody of MattLossZone’s Bold Guy 🙂 This is the video we were sued for, please enjoy this re-upload.

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20 Responses

  1. Logan Evans says:

    They just re-uploaded this video yesterday evening and it ALREADY has more views than the majority of MattLossZone’s videos. Justice feels so goooooood.

  2. Jordan Cran says:

    I just watch porn for the storyline so it’s nice to see a porn video that has no nudity

  3. Gianna Knapp says:

    “You can put some mayonnaise in her mouth dude” can y’all fucking imagine a court seriously reviewing this video for 2 whole years ??

  4. NovaSoda says:

    Try get him on the podcast

  5. Blood Lizard Inc. says:

    jacked off to this

  6. Sean says:

    just knowing how many times the court watched this video, and heard about putting carrots up her ass?

  7. Haywood says:

    God, this video is amazing. Not just because it’s a hilarious video, not just because E&H won the lawsuit, not just because Bold Guy got legally skullfucked, but because, as cliche and cheesy as it sounds, this video is now a symbol, it has set a precedent for fair-use and it’s a symbol for unity. So many folks came together to help support h3h3 in the lawsuit, even people that had beef with them at the time, dozens of content creators came together to help fight back against that bullshit lawsuit, and because of that, this victory was for *everyone* . That’s what makes this video even more badass than it already was. Fuck, I love you guys.

    Also you bet your ass I watched every fucking ad on this video multiple times.

  8. Jen Green says:

    Bold guy is like 40 years old ?

  9. Hank Chinaski says:

    How do people follow these voids? For fucks sake, they’re so fucking boring. God damn YouTube for suggesting this fucking video. And god damn me for clicking on it and commenting furthering their shit channel.

  10. Ryley Mcrae says:


  11. Stat Savage says:

    His caretaker lookin good

  12. Trippz The Fox says:

    *I got a commercial for a ‘how to get girls’ guru*

  13. Mertiy says:

    I paused AdBlock for this video Ethan. Enjoy the cents I give you bitch

  14. Matteo Barca says:


  15. Randy Bradberry says:

    I’ll bet the judge was down with the mayonnaise in mouth routine, that’s why Ethan and Hila got let off easy

  16. Andrew Gains says:

    HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET SUED FOR THIS???? Seriously you said some very nice things about him and pointed to his YT channel, suggesting people go there. Little bit of roasting too but in a nice way, kinda came from a respectful position like saying how professional he his with the time he puts into it and the love that he has for doing it…..

  17. Slam Hannigan says:

    Smashin that fuckin Like button as a matter of law

  18. Silver Cinder says:

    *_Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L_*

  19. Click Bait says:

    mAtTeR oF lAw

  20. Daniel W says:

    Disabled adblock just to watch this video

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