The Biggest Boomer in Baseball

The Biggest Boomer in Baseball

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28 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    He led a secret life as an undercover cowboy just as a hobby, what a man.

  2. PhiLLyRed FTF says:

    Yooo that stare down with Old Joey West is everything lol .. Posey had no idea wtf to do 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Quinn Thomas says:

    “I was just congratulating him… that was a really good swing. I don’t know why everyone got so mad” 😂

  4. The Lost One G says:

    I love how baseball has all types of personalities including old school guys like madbum, it make the game more interesting.

    • Jer says:

      Getting upset over a guy pimping hrs is one thing, even if i support bat flips and hr pimping i understand it. Throwing a ball 90-100mph at them, sometimes at their head, is just childish and immature and should be seen as unacceptable behavior. Start an arguement if you want that’s very entertaining imo but watching someone get hit by a pitch and potentially get hurt bc you’re a baby isn’t.

    • Slanda22 says:

      @Otter Donnelly ya tbh beanball is prolly the only thing going on as an unwritten rule in American sports from over a century ago. You’re gonna get hit off of eventually why put another batter on base?

    • Otter Donnelly says:

      @Molon LabeNotice i didn’t say those personalities shouldnt be there. Just a pitcher’s ego is so fragile sometimes. You are already the game maker, you dont have to hit the guy who cracks your shit out the park all the time and get backing from the higher ups to keep the rest of the game muted, sterile, and living and in 1939.

    • Phili the Gamer says:

      Baseball is unreal

    • Molon Labe says:

      @Otter Donnelly not fun…??? of course it is then you get players jawing at each other which makes those next ABs must watch TV. The comment stands its great to have all personalities in the game of ball.

  5. J Alberto says:

    A boomer that I miss in SF. Those were some good times with him on the mound and Buster behind the plate.

    • Anakin Skywalker says:

      arguably one of the best batterys in SF history.

    • Phili the Gamer says:

      @Jeff T Sucks the Giants couldn’t win a WS with the GOAT of MLB Barry Bonds.

    • Jeff T says:

      ’10 season was great. My buddies and I went to 1/4 of the home games due to cheap tickets and the fact we’d sucked for a bit. We saw Halliday vs. Timmy for fucking $5 that year. Partied so hard to celebrate I missed the 2010 parade, luckily there was some continued chances to go

  6. william king says:

    Not sure if it was a typo in the script, but: 2013-16 he hit 12 HR in 325 PA; Once per 27 PA. For context, Bonds 2001 season was one every 9 PA.

  7. Jsmith12292 says:

    Madison Bumgarner threw a no hitter vs me and my team in high school. He had a dip in his lip the whole game, and every time he struck someone out he would trash talk as we were walking back to the dugout. It was like he was wanting someone to fight him. lol

  8. MisterTwister says:

    He’s basically the kind of dude who prides himself in being an “old man” at age 26 and it’s amazing

  9. Abigor Anathema says:

    Hope he’s good to his wife. I’m sure he is, but I’m sure she’s tough as nails if she can take full speed pitches from him. That’s wild.

  10. James Goss says:

    My favorite moment from Bumgarner was in the 2014 Wild Card game. He was well on his way to a complete game 8-0 shutout. But at the same time he went 0-4 at the plate and on his last an-bat (a swing and miss strikeout) he started shouting “DAMMIT, FUCK!” before he had even finished his swing.

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