The Biggest Fight In Our Marriage

The Biggest Fight In Our Marriage

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47 Responses

  1. Grace Sall says:

    This radiates the same energy as Julien thinking Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, and Sandra Bullock are the same person

    • Kristin Vogt says:

      I was thinking the same thing!!!

    • Eve Hilary says:

      Grace Sall that’s because they are the same person

    • Ivannia Walezka says:


    • Rafael Jingles says:

      To every marriage, there needs to be a BOSS, 50/50 doesn’t work, anywhere you go, if one says they want a blue car and the other says they want a red car, what do you do, just stare at them both, that’s just bufoonish, the man should almost always be charge but I’m ok with a woman being in charge if that’s the mans choice, I’m fine with that, how ever in my marriage im in charge, if there’s one banana left on the table I know it’s reasonable to split it, but my wife knows I don’t let no puta call the shots, so it’s mine, if she wants to eat the peel then that’s her business, that’s the way I STRUT, so you Crocodile DUMdee people need to make a choice out there, these 2 women in this video are trying to split 50/50 and that’s why there will never be a man in that house, nothing personal against them though, they seem like nice people and I hope they find the treasures they are looking for

    • Jasmin says:


  2. Tayler Owens says:

    the celeb thing was way more horrifying than I thought it was going to be ???? oooooomg

  3. Summer Link says:

    I can’t believe she didn’t recognize Keanu Reeves!

  4. Marithé Tuyub says:

    If 95% of the audience doesn’t know who they are…maybe it’s because most of the audience are like 12 years old lol haahahha

  5. Mary Jacob says:

    “I don’t know who this”
    Keanu Reeves : ?

  6. Madisson Young says:

    “IM SWEATING ALREADY” I’m dead this was so funny I can’t

  7. Kee H. says:

    I facepalmed so hard when she said she didn’t know who DENZEL WASHINGTON was. I was like REALLY?! ????

  8. abbey lee says:

    I thought my movie knowledge was bad. Girrrrrllllll ???

  9. sara michelle says:

    omg Colleen i’m the same way my family will talk to me about actors and i just sit there like you know i don’t know crap about actors

  10. Mackenzie Hanson says:

    Oh my gosh COLLEEN!!! You have gorgeous curly hair. Please please please do a video trying the curly girl method!!!

    • talie says:

      Mackenzie Hanson she did one a few years ago!

    • Natalie says:

      Still remember it to this day (I did it this morning)— after a shower she uses her hands and scrunches her hair to the scalp for a while, then goes through with a hair curler to finish

  11. ItsMimiMae says:

    yassss gurl we love a queen who is #12 on trending!!!!! yesssss

  12. Samantha Botello says:

    * Colleen “ is it Star Wars?”

  13. Brook Williams says:

    I love movies but I’m the exact same. I only could name Johnny depp and Nicholas cage

  14. Bethany Meyer says:

    Colleen thinking the poster for The Avengers was Star Wars ??

  15. Lindsey Schmidt says:

    Literally didn’t know any of those people ? I’m with you Colleen

  16. Eliza Pop8 says:

    A little bit of my soul died when she said Star Wars while looking at an Endgame poster…… ??

  17. Ellason Barden says:

    Colleen: That’s Star Wars
    IT IS

    Also I’m with you Colleen I did not know 99% of those actors

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan and Avengers fan

  18. Nayla's life says:

    Tbh I was low key offended when she didn’t know who Keanu Reeves was. He is JOHN WICK?

  19. Feyi A. says:

    I didn’t know any of these except Tom cruise and the avengers

  20. Nic Castillo says:

    Listen. This is true love, because I would have divorced Colleen already.

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