THE BIGGEST *LEAK* EVER in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (NEW GUNS + SKINS)

THE BIGGEST *LEAK* EVER in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (NEW GUNS + SKINS)

Fortnite: Battle Royale – NEW Legendary shotgun, skins +MORE! :O
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65 Responses

  1. Ali-A says:

    So the double-pump shotgun is LEGENDARY and 100% coming TOMORROW! 😱

    Lots more in this video coming soon too!

  2. Gabriel Estrada says:

    And the clickbaiter returns!

  3. Hayderofficial 123 says:

    Nice video bro ur so good at fortine

  4. Sim sahil says:

    who else thought that pump had 2holes

  5. Northpoledude 121 says:

    10:10 and 10:15 😂😏

  6. Paulius Morkunas says:

    Do the gameplay without looking at the map.. please. I think that would be interesting.

  7. Tylar Valesini says:

    That is so not fake but that is way to early for this


    I bet u that the Wild West game mode will be fortnite when it first came out! Like if you agree

  9. Ryan Luker says:

    143 damage 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. кαмZ says:

    Trash player

  11. Derrick Eischens says:

    don’t you guys think they should make dudeperfect skins? like if u agree

  12. fahret pepic says:

  13. MM21 Plays says:

    What is takin them sooo long to put fortnite on android

  14. TKI Squad says:

    I like intro song

  15. Troll Stark says:

    10:15 your welcome

  16. fabio conoscenti says:

  17. X MAGO X says:

    Why u changed that intro music bro 😈

  18. Ayden Vid says:

    I Have 340 Subs

  19. howf lump says:

  20. howf lump says:

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