The BIGGEST Tech Hoarder!

The BIGGEST Tech Hoarder!

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We take a look at PC projects that could have been while clearing out the writers’ shelves in the warehouse..

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52 Responses

  1. Downthrower TwitchTV says:

    most definitely yes i would love to see the resurrection of the mineral oil pc. it was the thing that sparked my love for pc building. i still go back and watch it every now and again.

  2. Cyba IT says:

    Haha It’s funny when LTT staff get in trouble. Poor Alex.

  3. Powpow says:

    Things we’ll never make a video about. Yet makes a mass video with everything. The irony.

  4. aaron doran says:

    i know you probably wont see this, but have you thought about using some type of clear coating on the mineral oil pc case, so even if it cracks it cant leak?

  5. - says:

    • 10:34 – Wait, what kind of pumps are those? ?
    • Jokes aside, I find it quite impressive that what looks like a 14–year-old owns and operates a company with enough staff and a building large enough that expensive stuff can disappear for months or years at a time and barely be noticed. ?
    • You know you’re too into tech when your computer takes a leak on the floor.

  6. Robinson Joe says:

    Pulls a commodore 64 sleeper build off the shelf asking why a project has gone out of date in the time it took to make it and then pulls a real commodore 64 off the shelf.
    Knowing your never going to make that happen you know your a bastard right.

  7. Quinten says:

    Lately I see all these PC parts passing by on ads from Wish. maybe you can try building a PC with only parts from Wish?

  8. Benito Llan Matos says:

    14:46 18:11 what a surprise that happened

  9. Shinobi Engineer says:

    You are lucky to have these problems…

  10. Calvin Reeder says:

    I *REALLY* want to see a video on the pumpless watercooling!!!! Including a comparison to cheap/stock air coolers, a D15, and a good AIO

  11. thejaustin says:

    Ivan you are officially my favorite. Linus make more videos with this lovely human being plz.
    “You said it’s not completely stupid”
    “Hell yeah dawg”
    “I am a well aware”
    “Answer is 42”
    “yes…They’re not as old, but quite as obsolete”

  12. DeSinc says:

    editors: never underestimate the small edits, I liked the vid at 5:43

  13. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:


  14. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:

    ‘Best of the Worst’

  15. Codi Griffith says:

    When and where will this all be on Ebay¿ ? Seriously.

  16. pendaco says:

    I like how Linus has the entire cast of Star Trek on his team:

    Linus – Kirk
    James – Spock
    Anthony – Scotty
    Ivan – Chekov
    Alex – McCoy
    Dennis – Sulu
    Jakkuh – Tribble

  17. XenoDeki says:

    Just do a giveaway for all these junk of yours

  18. xorkatoss says:

    11:29 a computer that goes in your dash? LINUS MAKE A GAMING PC POWERED BY YOUR CAR FOR ROAD TRIPS! 😀

  19. Lord Vader says:

    Let the mineral oil PC return.

  20. Theman703 says:

    Ryzen 5 1600 outdatet, oof that hurt

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