The Birth Of Our Son Theodore – H3 Podcast #120

The Birth Of Our Son Theodore – H3 Podcast #120

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45 Responses

  1. Wrandi Davis says:

    The way he talks about her is everything???

  2. silja lin says:

    I think the most endearing thing about Ethan is how much he loves Hila 🙂

  3. Evan Surlet says:

    Man, the love in his face as he’s describing the birth. He’s so incredibly proud of her. Now that’s relationship goals.

  4. Ignacio Ros says:

    Nurse: on a scale of one to 10 how much does this hurt?

    Hila: yeah

  5. ZEN says:

    Hila delivering a baby whilst laying down on a whole lego set

    Hila: yeah

  6. Zack Jeannotte says:

    Hila: *Gets needle inserted into spine*

    Ethan: Egg review

  7. Logan Smith says:

    I teared up seeing Hila tear up ? congrats guys and thanks Ethan for taking time to tell us the story and to keep us updated ❤️ Papa bless ?

  8. Feel The Heat says:

    Ethan: I cant believe i’m a father


  9. Palatka Pete says:

    Duh, of course it went well. Don’t you guys remember when they drank the Diamond Water?

    That shit works…

  10. Sad Peter says:

    Ethan : “I saw everything .. like EVERYTHING …..”
    * Vietnam and WW2 flashbacks come to mind * haha
    congratulations Ethan , Papa bless you and your son 🙂

  11. Mercantilist Whomper says:

    1:19:43 “I’m sure it’ll just get easier over the next few weeks.”
    Guys do we tell him or just let him figure that one out?

  12. megan shark says:

    hila: is in labor taking it like a champ

    ethan: *complaining about his terrible sandwich*

  13. Cxdy says:

    *Hey Hila, great cervix, keep it up, proud of you!*

  14. megan shark says:

    the way he talk about hila during labor is the most touching thing ever. you two are my favorite I’m so happy for you. congrats on your first baby, he is beautiful! ❤️

  15. Megan Aronckes says:

    Hila is now a carer for 2 people.

    Congrats! Papa bless ❤️

  16. Captain Zuper says:

    Congratulations, Ethan and Hila!
    (Fun Fact: “Theodore” is Greek for “Gift from God”)

  17. Shen Music says:

    *Hila welcomes theo with a gentle kiss*

    Ethan : Welcome bro SHAKE YA DICK

  18. Vanessa Garcia says:

    Dad mode activated. Ethan is now a picture taker, so many pictures. And they are all vertical.
    Ethan. Great moves! Keep it up. Proud of you.

  19. Hazzaww says:

    The way Ethan describes Hila with such respect and pride is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  20. royalkitana says:

    hila serves in the army:
    proud of her service

    hila gives birth with her superhuman body:
    *_proud of her cervix_*

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