THE BLOODLINE IS OVER! | WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/16/23| WWE on USA

THE BLOODLINE IS OVER! | WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/16/23| WWE on USA

Jey Uso makes his choice on a monumental Smackdown. WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/16/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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41 Responses

  1. Skeeter 32x says:

    Jeys intensity and his energy is off that charts when he does promos like these and keeps you on your feet! Love it

  2. Maurice Snell says:

    The storyline that led to the Bloodline implosion was done perfectly. Kudos to WWE for putting together this amazing turn of events.

  3. Shane Delgado says:

    Jey’s acting without even speaking is amazing. Not many professional actors can convey so much without speech. The Bloodline are all pretty good on the mic, but Jey stands out.

  4. Zane Elliott says:

    Jey Uso’s ability to leave you in suspense for as long as possible is CRAZY. Every Jey promo since Sami came to the bloodline has been fire.

  5. Angel Serrano says:

    I cannot wait till they release the entire bloodline story in one disc. I would love to see it all together with no interruptions like this one.👍🏼👍🏼🔥🔥

  6. Steven13Neu says:

    Jey has been carrying this storyline for a couple months now. This dudes emotion on the mic is incredible.

  7. Sup ,dawg! says:

    Paul is such a real one. Ultimate heel. Legit human being protecting his people when the fans get too wild

  8. Sam Layne says:

    Thank you WWE, the writer, jey, jimmy, Paul, Roman (and Sammy and solo) for an epic run and an epic ending to one of the best story lines in all of professional wrestling. I’m older now and know this is all planed (spoiler children) but it still gives me chills. The energy they bring to the ring and what they all put their bodies through is astonishing and I’m just in awe. I literally have chills.

    • Jeff C says:

      I stopped watching wrestling in 2002 whenever Rock left for the Mummy. Haven’t kept up with it really since. Saw how they were doing things during covid with no crowd. Thought it was super awkward. Saw the “return of Roman Reigns” and the start of the bloodline. Randomly would keep up with throughout last few years whenever Brock or Cena came back. Saw it all on YouTube. Randomly seen a Bloodline storyline video and watched a few mins of it. Seeing this ALL END… it’s kinda odd. Don’t think it’ll be able to be recreated. One of a kind STORY

    • DCFCfanatic says:

      Nah, from what has been coming from within, this is the just the halfway point of the story line.

    • Jake Rattle says:

      This isn’t the end of this storyline it’s only begun now

    • Calsius says:

      Same bro, I quit watching when Brock sent beat The Rock.

    • Shamar Sam says:

      Bro said spoiler children after he gave the spoiler 💀

  9. Skywalker says:

    They did the entire bloodline angle justice. in my opinion as someone who doesn’t watch the wwe consistently I have found myself very interested in this angle. It just is creatively brilliant which is what’s missing from the rest of the show, but again kudos to these talented athletes.

  10. Jacob Punturi says:

    I’m absolutely dying at Jey temporarily forgetting the term “prom king” and calling Jimmy “prom prince” 😂😂

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