The Boring Company | Tunnels

The Boring Company | Tunnels

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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Brown says:

    i want what he’s smoking

  2. Felician Cadar says:

    I love how Musk always makes seemingly wild claims that turn out to be reasonable ideas, conclusions of first principles reasoning.

  3. Kelvin Yang says:

    Could be the start of a historical company

  4. serendipity42 says:

    Gotta start somewhere before making tunnels on Mars

  5. Cakeofdestiny says:

    I’ll be proud of this comment when The Boring Company becomes huge

  6. Christopher Thomas says:

    Looks Boring

  7. Titan Top List says:

    I dig this

  8. F. S. says:

    That looks extremely expensive and I understand that you can’t let people drive themselves in multi layered tunnels for security and pollution reasons, but imagine one of these car carriers to break down and causing an accident… deep underground on the 3rd layer. Or imagine a simple earthquake. It would be so difficult for search and rescue teams to operate there.

  9. The Stoney Gamers says:

    Just imagine how much quieter it would be on the surface.

  10. Robert Hamman says:

    Welcome to the prelude to “I, Robot”‘s world, cars are beginning to drive themselves, underground motorways are on their way, and who knows what’s going to happen with OpenAI.

  11. Furrrburger says:

    Pretty cool, wonder how they cover the hole while the lift is taking the car underground. If the tunnels are fifty feet down, as Elon has suggested, that’s a hell of a drop for oblivious plebs to take while crossing the street.

  12. Moucron Rothschild says:


  13. Tesla Adventures says:

    Brilliant vision of the future. Far better then flying cars.

  14. NombreDelHombre says:

    This is the epitome of inefficiency.

  15. Fals3Agent says:

    lol America, your resistance to public transport has led to some really weird ideas. Why not just build high-speed trains underground?

  16. Chiki-Briki says:

    So essentially its a subway for cars?

  17. mad kobra says:

    or you could just have public transportation lol

  18. Interstellar bruce says:

    How about we just build a light rail?

  19. Anya Shah says:

    Whatever this concept is, I like it but it seems too industrialized

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