The Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

The Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

This is The Boys Season 3 Official Teaser Trailer, featuring the new single “Bones” by Imagine Dragons. Rated D for DIABOLICAL.

Season 3 arrives June 3rd, only on Prime Video.

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39 Responses

  1. Bryce Edward Brown says:

    Not a single line of dialogue. Love it.

  2. Dragon King Oscurare says:

    This season is gonna be so much more diabolical especially with Butcher having powers.
    Also looking forward to see the new Sups for this season.

    • Matthew Moran says:

      @Chittysushi I don’t know. I’d like to see Hughie with powers. Hell, during the first season, I legitimately thought that he was going to become _The_ _Boys_ ‘ take on The Hulk, or something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Latviska LTP says:

      @smoothbrainjones yea I swa that somewhere as well also A-Treain was taking it to go faster he did became addicted to it hence y I think butcher might be but….

    • Marcos Lightspeed says:

      @Chittysushi cool

    • smoothbrainjones says:

      @Latviska LTP this might not be accurate as I’ve never read the comics, but a friend of mine has. I think there’s a variation of compound v that gives temporary powers to whoever takes it

    • Forzi R says:

      Afro best 1


    Butcher:- Don’t you worry. Daddy’s got powers.

  4. Mee Ee says:

    Finally. I didn’t think we’d ever get here!! I didn’t think they’d go there so I’m pleasantly surprised they brought in the Boys taking compound V storyline. Looks like a few musical numbers, can’t wait for those. Jensen Ackles new Soldier Boy looks like he’s going to fit in well, he’s an amazing actor so can’t wait and we also see Crimson Countess and I think a brief glimpse of Gunpowder as well from his old team Payback.

    • PunisherNZL says:

      @Maxim your comparison to a movie/trailer and a comic/show means absolutely nothing, some people just like to complain for the sake of complaining, nothing was spoiled for you now shut up and move on crybaby

    • Maxim says:

      @Justin Daniels No, this is an incorrect way of thinking. Just because someone hasn’t seen/read/done something doesn’t give you the right to take away that joy from them by spoiling it. If I was to spoil the new batman movie in the comments section of one of the trailers for you and then say, “you should have watched it”, would you feel the same way? There are plenty of people who either aren’t interested in the comics or just haven’t gotten around to reading the comics, but that’s not even close to a justification to spoil it for them. In fact, there is absolutely no justification for spoiling something for someone unless they’ve expressly asked you to. I am struggling to find a way to explain this, given how eye-gougingly obvious it is.

    • Justin Daniels says:

      @Maxim those aren’t spoilers anyone can read the comics and know that

    • Gary h says:

      @DARTH MAUL woah that is sacrilege. Homelander is infinitely more interesting in the show, and the show is better in that regard. But they have completely messed up the main characters, especially Billy. A lot of people now complain about the comics, from listening to hot takes on YouTube about the humour being overly juvenile, and that the show is so much better because of it. And some of the criticisms of the edgeyness of some of the humour are correct, but it does not detract from the story itself being so much stronger in the comics, and Billy being a much better and more authentic character. But maybe I am a bit biased as a Londoner, as that was one of the things I loved so much about comic Billy was how authentic he spoke and acted as a cockney, where as Karl Urban is doing a cheap caricature of a cockney accent. A good example for this was last season when Billy was talking to his dad, he said; “you was always at the bar with your loser friends”. Anyone who has spent an afternoon in London can tell you noone would ever talk that way, and it should of been something closer to; “you was always down the pub with your muggy mates”. This wouldn’t matter at all if comic Billy wasn’t so ridiculously authentic, as the comic really showed how long Garth Ennis lived in London. But this isn’t surprising, as the whole comic is made from the perspective of British eyes looking in to America and taking the piss out of it all from a place of tounge n cheek british exceptionalism, where as the show is very much from a American perspective being critical of America itself rather than its people.

    • DARTH MAUL says:

      @Maxim the boys show is completely different from the comics in fact better than the comics.

  5. Destroyuh says:

    I like that they’re actually twisting the plot a little and not going exactly like the comics lol so exciting

  6. nub says:

    The scene whith MM Butcher and Hughie reunited gave me chills!! This season is going to be the best!!

  7. DrKnockers05 says:

    Could this be one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen?
    Because I think this may be one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen.
    Cool visuals, music in sync with the action, carnage galore, Butcher with powers, lots of details to overanalyze without spoiling anything, and not a single line of dialogue.
    Fuckin’ beautiful.

    • Bobby Fischer says:

      @DrKnockers05 Ya same! It’s a good year for Comic book shows/movies!

    • DrKnockers05 says:

      @Bobby Fischer Right! Maybe it’s excitement mixed with good editing but hey, I just really like this trailer 😂
      Glad you like it too, man 👍

    • Bobby Fischer says:

      @DrKnockers05 Oh ya I’ve watched this trailer about 20 times now. It’s amazing. I don’t like Imagine Dragons either but this song fits perfectly.

    • DrKnockers05 says:

      @Bobby Fischer I dunno, man! I’m finding myself going back to it, not just because it’s The Boys but the editing and format of the trailer just really satisfies me!
      Hell, even the Imagine Dragons song works well! 😂

    • Bobby Fischer says:

      I don’t think the best trailer ever, but yes this trailer is absolutely amazing!

  8. AYE SPENZO says:

    Literally been the most anticipated season for a year now. The Boys always makes me want more. Just like Invincible.

  9. Chillinfeelin says:

    just finished watching both season 1 and 2 of the boys and i was very amazed by all the casts performances! great show can’t wait for the new season!

  10. TriaxFx says:

    Love that every scene syncs nicely with the beats

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