The Boys – TRIM

The Boys – TRIM

Your boys go through a lot. They deserve to be looked after. See what happens when the The Boys encounter a spot of manscaping. Find out more:
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19 Responses

  1. Mark Johnson says:


  2. RevucumberTechUSA says:

    Those are testicles.

  3. Kiki Bruner says:

    why is this trending with 14 thousands views

  4. noah virgilio says:

    bevause everyone has to see this

  5. Farmer Joe says:


  6. Andrew Mombeini says:


  7. PattyCake says:

    Imagine if balls actually are like this but we don’t know…

    You’re phone could be tell you to stop punching it right now…

  8. Moonman says:

    I’ve seen this before it was uploaded

  9. AspectShef says:

    Before it goes viral

  10. Joshua C says:

    I wish I lived in a country that wore sexy undies like these instead of
    stupid American eagle boxers -_-

  11. StevieMac! says:

    It would be funny to see a guy in all gold hanging upside down from a
    trapeze between them.

  12. Ideaman47 says:

    These dicks have balls to make this cocky advertisement.

  13. Fadrian says:

    My balls are also golden

  14. Goin_Rogue says:

    Everyone dislike this shit, people need to learn they can’t BUY popularity

  15. trickstinator says:

    I miss the old youtube, where the home page was filled with actual internet
    videos, not tv ads and night show videos.

  16. Henry Trenton says:

    I don’t shave my boys. I better things to than getting rid of hair that no
    one ever sees.

  17. Thelilchurro! says:

    Funny that. Bonds is my last name. I got a company going. Anyone want to
    buy a stock 30? Lol

  18. Joseph Tedros says:

    Wow call the PC police, why are so many people disliking this?

  19. Spectrum says:

    Whats more awkward in Australia?
    Johnny Depp’s apology to Australia?
    Gold Testicles being shaved in an Australian underwear ad?