The bravest thing I’ve ever done

The bravest thing I’ve ever done

Recorded Sept 26, 2016 near Orillia, ON.

Saving a skunk with a Coke can stuck on his head. (In response to comments, I don’t think the can was litter or from recycling, but rather a fat drippings can from a BBQ)

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20 Responses

  1. TheTrueWalker says:

    Nice try coca-cola, your ads dont work on me…

  2. henry b12 says:

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  3. DirtyBoySingToGod says:

    well played fine sir. i applaud both your bravery ( i imagine he/she
    could’ve turned real nasty, once freed ) and your great empathy and
    compassion for the animal’s well being. I hope that – if there is such a
    thing as karma – that something truly good happens to you this week. Great
    stuff !

  4. Harry Drake says:

    I was waiting for the lorry at the end.

  5. SeeNoEVO says:


  6. yubidubi says:

    The universe will gift you with many treasures. You are a wonderful person.

  7. SIMKINETICS says:

    Now, I feel like a shmuck. I came across the same situation, deliberated &
    passed on the opportunity to do this good deed at the risk of being
    sprayed. Now, I’m prepared to risk it if ever I see this again. Good video!
    Props to this man’s courage!
    As a side note, I should ask why anyone would toss trash out the car window
    when it’s so easy to keep that trash in your car until you get to a trash
    can… Just keep a grocery bag for trash in your car.

  8. TheTvdroid says:

    At least crush the can before littering, people. Jeez.

  9. Paul Ross says:

    Get ready for this to go viral. You made the front page of Reddit.

  10. Naomi Williams says:

    Good karma. Someday an alien will teleport your car back onto the road when
    you veer off the edge of a cliff.

  11. B-Boy Max says:

    I Was here when this had 18k views.

  12. PairOfDucks says:

    Just you wait, in 30 years you will cornered by 6 armed thugs in a alley
    before they are all quickly shot dead by a skunk repaying his debt.

  13. epicfail says:

    I was da skunk, jus came here 2 say thanX. if ur free nex week, cum 2 my
    place (da woodz) nd we can lite up a phat blunt and kick it, on me.

  14. Draegast says:

    Somebody really likes Coca Cola

  15. Christopher Grant says:

    Later that day the skunk got hit by a car…

  16. Rural American says:

    even though skunks are vermin, (and kill my precious chickens) no animal
    deserves to die from a coke can on their head.

  17. SoloRenektonOnly says:

    The skunk didn’t even glance back over his shoulder as he walked off. What
    an asshole.

  18. bohne1978 says:

    What if the skunk actually put this can on himself and did not want you to
    remove it?

  19. Caroline muchi says:

    May I just say,I love you.That skunk would have died,and you saved it’s
    life.Thank you.

  20. BugSplat says:

    *What did the judge say when a skunk walked into the courtroom?*

    Odor in the court! xD